About Us

About Us

Divine Student Consultancy

Divine Student Consultancy is a creative and forward-thinking company that is dedicated to one of the main areas of national and international education. It is owned and run by experts with solid credentials in the field. We have been assisting people from almost every subject of education from our global locations. Globalization and education are mutually supportive of one another.

Divine Student Consultancy  is a reliable partner for students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, offering a comprehensive suite of services that have been developed over decades of working for the highest level of client.

Fully Equipped Offices

Our mission and Values

At Divine Associates, We have always been idealists. From the beginning to the present day, our team remains united under the conviction that building a better world is not only simpler, but also more inspiring.

We remain consistently optimistic about the value – A sense of self-assurance that every member of our superhero team carries with them every step of the way. It’s the most effective way to stay focused on our long-term vision, and it ensures we continue to build the world’s biggest platform.

If we could put our belief under one big banner, it would state the overall mission as:

‘Empowering the world’

The beauty of this mission is its double-meaning:

  • We want the world to choose service: We want everyone to see service, at all costs, as the key to effective leadership, innovative thinking and a better world.
  • We want the world to choose service: We want service choice to be transparent, allowing people all over the world to select the services that best meet their needs.

From the architecture of our offices to the design of our platforms to the decor of our offices, Divine Associates is built on a global commitment to service transparency, choice and cross-border access. We grow with our users and clients, and service is the thing that fuels our whole company persona. We share ideas, innovate with our products, innovate with ourselves, and – above all – contribute to a more tolerant and open global society.click here


What are the things that we bring to work with us every day? What are the principles that bolster our team and keep us focused on the mission?

Making our world a little bit better
  • Improve our world every day
  •  Purpose-driven
  • Creating a more tolerant and better-educated world
Personal growth is KEY
  • Helping my peers, customers, users and partners improve on a daily basis.
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Take ownership over my personal growth and learn from everyone
  • Openly discuss my strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others.
Dedicated & never give up
  • Stand with promise
  •  Never give up on what we believe in
  •  Challenge the way we do things
  • Aim high and make the team succeed
  • Go the extra mile to reach my personal & company objectives
  • Deliver value to clients in everything we do
Heads up & hearts open
  • Optimistic, ambitious, and proud
  • The concept of “failure as a source of growth” is based on the premise that failure will lead to improved performance in the future.
  • Speak with mind;  Share thoughts and concerns with the right person in an open, honest, and respectful manner.
  • Balance  feelings and my rational thinking
  • Truly care about colleagues’ professional and private life
Serious about fun
  • Initiate spontaneous activities with colleagues
  • Bring color to my life and to the lives of others
  • Seek a fun element in everything
  • Believe fun & achieving impact go hand in hand
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