When considering where to study abroad in Europe, Sweden emerges as substantially preferable choice for students because of top education quality and globally acclaimed higher education institutes. Apart from best academic facilities, Sweden has high standards of living, equal rights, gender equality, career opportunities and economical stability that attract foreign students from all over the world to study abroad in Sweden. Precisely, the best features of Sweden as a study abroad destination for students are being enumerated in the following article:

  1. Top Ranking Universities and International Acclamation:

Sweden is home to a few of the world’s top ranking universities, known for innovation, remarkable in research based education and diversification of courses, providence of state of art facilities and advanced teaching methodologies. Karolinska Institutet ranks at top 40th position, Uppsala University at 80th and Lund University at 91st position at THE world universities 2019 rankings list.

  1. English Taught Courses:

Although, the official language of Sweden is Swedish but English taught courses are available in abundance at every academic level and study stream in Sweden. Swedish universities offer over 860 study programmes in English language to international students with no requirement of having Swedish language skills for getting admissions.

  1. Geographical Importance of Sweden:

Sweden is a Nordic country that borders Norway and Finland. It is a Schengen state allowing its residents and visa holders to travel other Schengen stars without requiring an additional visa. Students while studying abroad in Sweden can travel to other European countries by train/by air for visiting or job search after completion of studies and add value to their passport for future travelling.

  1. Best Standards of Living:

The Swedish believe in peace, freedom and equal rights for men and women alike. In terms of human rights, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world. The work and social life balance is well managed, civilians have access to health care facilities, law and order situation is excellent, justice and freedom is in approach of everyone and above all there is no discrimination in salary packages as it is the government who decides the wages based on skills and qualification regardless of ethnicity and nationality of the employee.

  1. Six Months Visa Extension After Completion of Studies:

Sweden is quite generous when it comes to foreign students. After completing a post graduation course in Sweden, Students can extend their visa for six months for job search. In this duration, students can search job according to their qualifications and skills by the means of local employment agencies. As soon as the students get an appointment letter from Swedish firm or company, they can apply for work permit of Sweden.

  1. Career Exposure:

Sweden is an economically well heeled country, 16th richest in the world with booming IT, exports and industrial sector. Being an export oriented economy; Sweden is host to many international firms and multinational companies having there branch offices based in Sweden which a giant opportunities for employees to get their professional expertise recognized globally and level up their international CV’s.

  1. Part Time Work Opportunities for Students and Minimum Wages:

The minimum wage per hour for full time or part time work in Sweden is set by the government itself based on person’s skills and qualification.  Students can work 20 hours per week during their semesters and 40 hours a week during semester holidays in June, July and August. The minimum wage per hour in Sweden as per 2019 is 177.10 SEK/Hour.

  1. Scenic Landscape and Cultural History:

While studying in abroad in Sweden you can expect to have rich historical and cultural experience that will broaden your prospective and enhance your personal traits. Sweden has a tolerant society that inhabits multiethnic culture with peaceful and secure atmosphere for all. In terms of landscape, Sweden is a joy to behold; there are many islands, mountains, waterfalls, thick forests and natural wonders to be explored by adventure enthusiasts.