Russia is world’s largest countries by area, it possesses a beautiful landscape, and it is an only country in the world from where twelve seas pass. Russian literature and heritage has influenced many ethnicities and the country’s development and progress is not hidden from anyone.  Russia has been putting a lot of emphasis in improving the education standards of its Universities and had made huge investments in past few years.  As a matter of fact, Russia is one of the world’s most educated nations with 54% of its population having university degrees. More specifically, the fields of science, technology, engineering, medicine and literature are highly progressed in Russia. Might be surprising for majority of readers, Russia is home to 950 universities and each one of them follows merit based education system. Russian education system is based on innovation and conceptual building of students, no wonder why degrees earned from Russia Universities are top pick by recruiters.

Academic Sublimity of Russian Universities 2021

Russian Universities have recently joined the Bologna process of education which ensures the quality of education and academic design is of international standards. About 22 universities of Russia rank at top position of world university rankings such as QS and TIMES. Russian universities are offering a well fused traditional academic system and innovative approach making the degrees highly credible and demanded by employers.  Besides Russia’s national academic sublimity, the universities have collaborated with international institutions for enhancement and improvement. These steps have taken Russian Universities to next level of excellence with more than 296,176 international students studying in Russia each year.

A Land of Innovation and Opportunities

Russia is broad in opportunities as it is broad in area. Russia has been declared as world’s most innovative economy by Bloomberg’s roundup in 2017. Studying in Russia will provide you a global exposure and internship opportunities at world’s largest organizations as the country is host to many of those. Russian education system is based on competency and high standards owing to which universities encourage students to do internships at the end of their study program to make them skillful in their field of education and job market ready.

Accessibility to Work Permit after Graduating From Russia for students

Russian government has eased the laws of immigration for international students since 2014. The international students enrolled in full time study programs at an accredited institution of Russia can apply for work permit of Russia after graduating from there.

A Wondrous Place to Live

The parable history and architecture of Russia is marvel for adventurers. Russia is home to over 22 ethnicities, fusion of cultures, delicious cousins and urbanized and modern city life. The lovers of art and literature will have much to explore from Russia as UNESCO ranked Russia at 26th position for possessing world heritage sites. Russia’s unique lifestyle and vibrant atmosphere will fill you with an awe and amazement and lead you to loving this country whole heartedly. Russia has multiple climate zones and plenty of visiting spots such as: Red Square, the Golden Mountains of Altai, Lake Baikal, the Kremlin and the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius.