China is certainly a progressive wonder of the world. It is just hard to ignore the presence of China in any field of life whether it is in economical sector, infrastructure, education, politics, health or space sciences. It is a super power which has left its mark in every walk of life. It is leaving behind super powers like UK and USA behind in terms of development and progress. There can be extensive reasons to declare China as a top favorite study abroad destination because of its superlative qualities but ulterior one is its high standard of education. Many of Chinese universities are ranked among world’s top 100 best universities by QS and TIMES university rankings. China can be regarded as the best study abroad destination especially for students belonging from Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Why consider China as your study abroad destination? The reasons are detailed below:

  • Get Education From World’s Best Institutions in China

In recent years, China has spent a large amount of money for improvement and quality assurance of its academic institutions which has resulted in enhancing their global reputation and world rankings. China has world’s best universities which have remarkably excelled in engineering, medicine and IT and economics fields. The Chinese Universities have signed collaborative partnerships with numerous world recognized institutions of UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Canada which offer internationally accredited degrees.

  • China’s Towering Economic Growth and Your Professional Merchandizing

The recruiters and employer’s prefer hiring fresh graduates who have studied in abroad because of their widened approach, adoptability and personal growth. When it comes to China, it is expected to become an economical giant till 2030 estimating by the rate of its rapidly increasing GDP rate. China is attracting investor’s by providing cheap labor, technical assistance with excellent mastery, hard work and professionalism. Having a degree from China, a global economic market will surely add a towering value to your CV. In addition, China offers paid internships to international students, by the time you complete your degree from there you would already have professional experience from experts themselves.

  • Paradise for Adventure Seekers

Besides top quality education and global economical market, China is a top favorite tourist destination. China is very vast in area and there is much to explore within the country. From visiting the Great Wall of China to do hiking in mountains, or soaking in beeches to encountering the beauty of rice terraces of the Guangxi, being part of man- made wonder Ice Sculpture Festival or taking a trip to rural areas of China to experience scenic landscape. The climate of China will make you witness freezing cold temperature to meltingly hot temperature. Living in China will not be less than a challenge but it will be worthwhile.

  • Learn About World’s Oldest Civilization

There is not a doubt that China is modernizing and developing faster than no other country in the world. Yet, its cultural roots are 5000 years old. Chinese medicine, calligraphy, cupping therapy, Taichi, cousins and history will be worth exploring during your educational years. You will take a life changing experience back after completing your education.

  • Cheap Cost of Living and Scholarships in China for Students

Chinese government is running many scholarship programmes to encourage international students to take admission in its universities as part of its globalizing strategy. The merit for admission is also not competitive as compared to UK and USA. Moreover, the living costs of China will be extremely accommodating to your pocket. You will get education from world recognized institution in half the cost, live in international atmosphere and in reasonable cost. What more can one asks for?

  • Getting Ready for Future With Best Opportunities

China allows international students to work in its territory post graduation from Chinese Universities. China is the land where future seems to be promising and fruitful. The companies and local firms in China are working collaboratively with international firms. They have strong ties around the globe, working in China will give you an access to a broad network and opening of doors where you did not even realize were present. Working in China after graduation means adding a huge value to your resume, enhancing your professional skills and enduing you with a strong work ethic and agility.