United States is one of the destination to which million students flock in order to gain higher education. However, one of the grave impediment in doing so is the costs and fees which has to be borne by the international students as it is one of the most expensive ones. However, wide range of scholarships are being offered in order to decrease the burden of the students.

The average costs of tuition fees according to College Board for international students is $25,620. Further on, the tuition and other fees can be broke down into the following:

Public Two Year Colleges Public Four Year Colleges  Private nonprofit four year college
$3,750$25, 620$34,740

However, some of the top rated universities like University of Michigan fees for international students for fall/winter 2021/21 is $47, 476 in addition to $1,048 for the syllabus and books and $2,454 for miscellaneous items.

Availability of Funding for the Students to Study in USA 2021

United States is often categorized as one of those countries where the students rarely pay the tuition amount as in 2014-15 eighty six percent of undergraduate students qualified for some quantity of financial aid including those who are enrolled at public colleges and private nonprofit colleges.

Surprisingly the most prestigious universities of USA for International students offers the gravest funding opportunities like MIT, which is one of the highest ranked university of the world as more than half number of undergraduates receive financial aid. Caltech as one of the leading names in medicine and engineering is also known for offering 60% of undergraduates a financial aid, 98% to the graduate students and a complete scholarship to the doctoral students. It is evident from these studies and records that the number of leading universities don’t fail to provide support to the international students in the form of scholarships and grants.

University of Pennsylvania distributes almost $9 million every year to the international students offering them a grave amount of support. Moreover, Harvard University has allocated financial aid to almost 600 undergraduates in 2016/17 along with Yale University awarding a grave amount to the international students in the form of financial aid.

The applicant can access the funding information at the time of the application as the request for financial aid is submitted along with the application.

Need Blind Policy

There are number of universities which offer financial aid to the applicant’s without considering the student’s financial background ensuring that every accepted applicant is provided sufficient aid to complete their studies.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the tuition costs and fees are exhobirant in United States for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. However, this obstacle can be combatted by the assistance provided to the international students.