• Malaysia is attracting a large number of international students because of many factors but the profiting most is affordable living and study cost. You get to attain an internationally recognized education equivalent to UK and USA but in half the cost. Twinning programmes offered by Malaysian Universities is an attractive characteristic tempting students to avail opportunity of studying in Malaysia and in another country at one cost. Malaysian culture is blend of many ethnicities and religions, the country has historical background along with modernly designed infrastructure and metro cities, it has so much to offer and it must be mentioned Malaysian food is treat to your taste buds. If you are currently in process of estimating what would be the cost of study and living in Malaysia, the following guide will elaborate it to in detail.

    Cost of Study in Malaysia

    Malaysia has emerged as one of the best study abroad destinations in last decade because of consistency and improvement in quality of education and offering cost effective tuition fee to international students. The top rated universities of UK, Australia, and USA have their branch campuses in Malaysia such as:

    • Monash University
    • Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus
    • University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
    • Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

    For the quality and affordability of fee Malaysia is a top pick for international students. An example of affordability can be well explained through cost of UK engineering degree at branch campus of University of Nottingham in Malaysia. In Malaysia the same UK engineering of 3 years can be attained through a twinning programme in RM51, 000 (USD16, 000), on the other hand this UK engineering degree if studied in host campus of University of Nottingham will cost you nearly  RM54,000. A more elaborated estimate of tuition fee in Malaysia for various academic levels and study programmes is in the table below:

    DegreeArea of studyTotal Tuition feeInstitute


    BusinessUSD 11,100 to USD 14,300Foreign degree program in private college
    EngineeringUSD 13,000 to USD 15,000
    ITUSD 9,700 to USD 12,900
    TourismUSD 13,700 to USD 18,600


    BusinessUSD 13,700 to USD 24,000 Foreign branch campus university degree
    EngineeringUSD 21,100 to USD 40,000
    ITUSD 13,400 to USD 25,100
    TourismUSD 14,000 to USD 26,100
    MedicineUSD 114,3005 Years Duration Course


    BusinessUSD 8,600 to USD 11,400Malaysian private degree program
    EngineeringUSD 12,900 To USD 14,300
    ITUSD 9,400 to USD 12,300
    TourismUSD 12,000 to USD 14,300
    MedicineUSD 62,900 to USD 108,600


    Business administrationUSD 6,250 to USD 9,000Private Malaysian University
    USD 5,250 to USD 6,500Public Malaysian University

    Living Cost in Malaysia


    Halls of Residence: COST= USD 130 to USD 150 Per Month

    Hostels: COST= USD 28 to USD 68 Per Week

    Room at Private Dormitory Affiliated with Universities: COST= US$ 1087 Three Months Rent Bills included

    One Room at Shared Apartment: COST= USD 55 to USD 123 Per Month

    Private Apartment With Two Rooms: COST= USD 460 to USD 767 Per Month Bills Included

    One Bedroom Apartment in Main Cities: COST= USD 470

    The cost of accommodation depends on the area you have selected to live. The rents may vary according to location in city and also on facilities. Usually the internet and utility bills are included in monthly rents. The accommodation outside the city centers will be cheap in cost. Whereas, the accommodation located in city center will be expensive but will save your transportation cost.


    The cost of travelling in public transportation is affordable in Malaysia. The international students who opt to live in on campus residence they save travelling expenses completely. Whereas the international students living in private accommodation which  is not near to their campus will have to spend an approximate amount of USD 9 to USD 16 per month.


    Basic menu meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant: USD 2.41

    Basic menu meal for two persons in mediocre restaurant: USD 14.46

    One time meal in McDonalds and Big Mac: USD 3.13

    Half Liter Coca Cola or Pepsi Bottle: USD 0.55

    1 Liter water bottle: USD 0.32

    1 Liter milk bottle: USD 1.64

    Loaf of bread (White): USD 0.78

    1 Kg rice: USD 0.93

    Dozen eggs: USD 1.23

    1 Kg Chicken boneless: USD 2.94

    1 Kg Beef meat: USD 6.19

    1 Kg Apples: USD 2.29

    1 Kg Bananas: USD 1.24

    1 Kg Oranges: USD 2.12

    1 Kg Tomatoes: USD 1.03

    1 Kg Onions: USD 0.88

    Other Expenditures:

    Internet bill per month: USD 34.50

    Utilities Bills (Electricity, Gas, Water) Per Month: USD 44.59

    1 Cinema Ticket: USD 3.61

    Joining Gym or Fitness Club: USD 35.30 Per Month

    Books and Stationary: USD 12.50 to USD 25 Per Month

    Laundry Expenses: USD 19 Per Month