• A study in European Countries is not an easy deal. Mostly, it comes to see as a costly procedure to study in Europe. But In the case of Bulgaria, due to small currency difference than that of other European countries, it offers costs and living style reasonably less as compared to other European study destinations. But, anyhow, charges are required to pay for making your study journey possible for Bulgaria. Students have to pay some pre departing and after departing charges.

    Pre Departure Costs

    Students who are willing to apply for study abroad pay a large part of their costs before departing to their destination. What are the paying methods are for them? They can find through the following steps:

    Previous Academic Transcripts

    Obviously, almost all the students know that they are required to get a Secondary School or Bachelor degree for making their education journey possible. Students pay a lot until the completion of their Secondary School studies and undergraduate studies.

    Language Proficiency Test

    Almost all the study abroad destinations require an exceptional level of language proficiency from international students. Students are not special in this case. For practicing the language proficiency test students have to pay a heavy amount of fee. And at the end when they appear for examination they also asked to pay the heavy amount for examination.

    Application Process

    When you come to apply for university admission you go through, somehow, costly procedure. For a single university admission application process, the fee ranges from USD50 to USD100. But, if you involve Study Abroad Consultants for your application process then you also follow the consultancy charges.

    Visa Fee

    For Bulgaria, Non-EU or international students are asked to apply for D-Type visa for getting entrance permission into Bulgaria. D-Type visa fee is around 100 EUR.

    Travelling Documents

    • Different kinds of travel documents are required to travel abroad for study purpose.
    • Passport is a basic part of travel documents. For normal passport, 5400 charges applicants have to pay.
    • Medical or travel insurance in some cases is required. For this purpose, hundreds of EURs are required to pay.
    • Police Clearance Certificate is also required to show in some cases. This is also, somehow, costly.

    Personal Expenses

    Some kinds of personal belongings are required to bring with yourself when you move somewhere. You have to buy clothes, baggage, and some other accessories for your long way journey.

    After Departure Cost

    Once, you have reached Bulgaria then the real challenges will come to see. However, you have reached and now your aim is to face these challenges and beat them to make your dreams true. But, complete knowledge is necessary to beat your challenges. Following are the challenges you will face after departing to your destination.


    Accommodation is the basic need of living a standard lifestyle. Sometimes, you have to manage the accommodation before departing and sometimes you manage it after arriving at your destination.

    For having reasonable accommodation a single student needs 200 EUR on a monthly basis. In this amount, you can arrange a decent apartment with all the sufficient basic needs.

    Residence Permit And Other Documents

    For study in Bulgaria, students travel on D-Type visa but after arriving there they need to apply for a residence permit. 230 EURs are required to get a residence permit of one year. This could be renewable on a monthly basis.

    Application process fee for this residence permit is 5 EUR. Moreover, students also required to arrange an ID card for having a stay there in Bulgaria. After getting registration from Police Station they provide with an ID card which charges 22.50 EURs from international students.

    Living Expenses

    As living there in Bulgaria you need to buy clothes, get food, and have drinks, transportation facility, utility bills, and many more. All these are the basics needs for having a sound and standard life.

    What is the Average Cost of Living?

    No doubt, accommodation is the one biggest challenge for you. Once you have done this you have saved yourself from a heavy headache. But there are some other challenges are also waiting for you. But, do not be a worry at all because this is natural. Wherever you are living you need to eat food, drink water, décor your apartment with needy households and spend something for joy and entertainment. All these needs you can cover from 150 EURs to 200 EURs on monthly basis.

    Tuition Fees

    Following is the fee structure for study in Bulgaria:

    Study ProgramFee Structure
    Undergraduate Tuition Fee:2,900 EUR to 3,900
    Postgraduate Tuition Fee:3,000 EUR to 3,900
    PhD Tuition Fee:  4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR

    Scholarships or Funding Programs in Bulgaria 

    The country is also known as student-friendly country or especially international students supporting the country. For those students who want to make some big and extra goals in their lives but their financial condition doesn’t allow them to get their achievements, Bulgaria offers different scholarships, funding and loan programs.

    Erasmus scholarships, National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, AEF Scholarships program, Josef Princ Memorial Scholarships program and Polatajko Family Scholarships program are offered by Bulgaria to EU and other international students.