Living and Study Cost in Australia

Estimation of living and study cost before travelling to a foreign land is the primary step of planning for study abroad. Studying in abroad is practically a very first experience for students when they are staying away from family and friends and managing budget on their own. Similarly, it is the very first step that will lead a student to learn self dependency and managing the expenses according to his/her earnings and budget. Those currently planning to study abroad in Australia don’t need to worry about the expenses much. Australia is not an expensive country which can be concluded by the high number of international students traveling to Australia for higher education. Australian government has given an estimation of living and study expenses in Australia to international students through visa requirements. An international student must have amount of AUS $20,290 for each year of his stay as per the rule of Australian student visa. The elaborated guide is written below to give you an estimation of cost of living and study in Australia:

Cost of Study in Australia

Australia is third most popular study abroad destination and the main reason behind it is affordability factor. The cost of study in Australia depends on your chosen institution and also on the level of your chosen study program. It must also be notified to students that tuition fee must be paid before your study program commences in Australia. Apart from tuition fee, the students must expect other additional expenditures related to study such as course material, registration fee, library fee, sports facilities expenses and accessing institution payable facilities. (Visit Admissions Section for Details) .As per the estimated cost of study for different academic levels given by Australian Government for information of international students on Study in Australia official website is written as below:

  • Tuition Fees of Schools in Australia is between $7,800 to $30,000
  • Tuition Fees of English Language Studies Course is Nearly $300 per week depending on the length of  course
  • Tuition Fees of Vocational Education and Training Courses (Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas) is between  $4,000 to $22,000
  • Tuition Fees of Undergraduate Bachelors Degree Course is between  $15,000 to $33,000
  • Tuition Fees of Postgraduate Masters Degree Course is between  $20,000 to $37,000
  • Tuition Fees of Doctoral Degree Course is between $14,000 to $37,000

The estimated cost of study of high value courses including medical and veterinary degree courses is not being included in the above table. The cost of such courses is relatively quite high in Australia. The Australian National University which is one of the highest ranked universities of Australia charges AU$80,136 (~US$57,800) for medicine and surgery degree.

Cost of Living in Australia

The cost of living is directly related to a person’s lifestyle, spending habits and location of accommodation. If you manage your expenses well and do not indulge in lavish splurge then you might even save some money and send it back home or keep it in your account. While living in Australia, the biggest challenge for a student is to afford a suitable accommodation. There are all types of student accommodations in Australia, but choosing one according to your pocket and comfort level matters as being an international student every penny is important.

Student Accommodation Rents in Australia

Commonly accommodation costs in urban cities are higher than rural areas and to specify even within urban cities there will be vivid contrast in rents according to localities. For that matter, search that accommodation option in Australia which can offer you reasonable rent, facilities, location, proximity to your university and part time work and shopping malls and also security. There rents of furnished apartments are obviously higher as compared to non furnished but it is appropriate for an international student to rent a furnished apartment because while studying you might not have time to arrange living necessities.

On Campus Accommodation Cost:

Not all universities offer on campus accommodation but the universities that offer charge around AUS$80 to AUS$250 per week.

Dormitories, Hostels and Student Guesthouses:

Rent per week will be around $90 to $150.

Shared Rooms:

Rent per week will be around $85 to $215.

Home stay:

Rent per week will be around $235 to $325.

Single Rented Apartment:

Rent per week will be around $165 to $440.

Accommodation in boarding schools:

Rent per year will be around $11,000 to $22,000.

Food and Groceries

Basic lunch time meal in an urban city with drink for one person: $16

One time combo meal in a fast food restaurant in BIG MAC or Others: $12

Chicken boneless breast (500 gr): $7

1 liter of milk bottle: $1.44

Dozen eggs: $6

Tomatoes 1 Kg: $5.06

Potatoes 1 Kg: $3.45

2 liter bottle of Coca Cola: $2.99

Loaf of bread for two people in one day: $2.63

Transportation expenditure

You need to travel around the city on daily basis as an international student living in Australia.

  • You will be travelling to university then to work and back to your residence.
  • There are public buses and trains running around the city.
  • Buying a monthly travel pass for a public transport will cost you $145 on average.
  • For per day travelling the average cost will be $4.
  • Travelling in a taxi is the most expensive option for student it will cost around $2 per kilometer.
  • If you live in an accommodation which is near your university then using a bicycle is best option for a student.
  • The streets in Australia are designed considering the facility of bikers so moving around the city in bike is convenient and affordable.

Other expenses

Internet per month cost: $15

Movies ticket for 2 persons: $38

Gym membership per month: $81

Utilities of electricity, gas, heating per month: $35 to $140