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Poland is situated at the heart of Europe. It is the 7th largest country in Europe with an area of 312.679 km2. With a population of 38,5 million people, Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Around 2 million people inhabit and live a standardized life in Warsaw.

Study abroad in Poland for students

Poland is at the heart of Europe, and it’s the 7th biggest country in Europe. It covers an area of almost 312,000 square miles, and it has a population of over 38 million people. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, and it’s home to around 2 million people who live a pretty standard lifestyle.

There are 7 countries that are connected to Poland. West Germany is connected to Poland, South Pole is connected to Czech Republic, Slovakia is connected to Ukraine, east Ukraine is connected to Lithuania, Belarus is connected to Russia, and finally, the north area of Poland is connected to Ukraine. If you want to make Poland your study abroad, you will get an adventure for every trip.

Why Students Choose Poland

The best part about studying in Poland is that it offers the highest quality of education to both national and international students. The highest quality of education in the world can be found in the top-rated universities and outstanding faculties in Poland. However, there are several factors that convinced you to choose Poland as your favorite study abroad destination.

Poland provides international students and other foreigners a fantastic culture and way of life. Multiculturalism is a way of life in Poland. Poland provides a lovely landscape, a top-notch healthcare system, and a safe environment. All of these factors play a role in why foreign students select Poland as their study abroad destination.click here

Polish Scholarships System

From Bachelors to Ph.D., Poland has a wide range of scholarships available. These scholarships are open to both local and international students.

Scholarships program are offered by Universities, private organizations and government also take part in offering scholarships program to international students.

Reputed Polish Universities 2023 for International Students

In Poland, there are some of the oldest universities in the world. For instance, the Jagiellonian University was established in the fourteenth century and continues to be a renowned institution of higher education.

With more than 400 study programs in the English language, the English language is being followed on a massive scale. Public sector universities in Poland provide degrees to international students at low cost. Among the 500 best universities in the world, Poland has a strong position.

Work While Studying

According to the new law of the Polish government, international students have the right to work while studying in Poland. Under the new law, students can work for a minimum of 20 hours per week. In addition, during summer vacations, students can work up to 20 hours per week under certain conditions.

Under these circumstances, students can easily cover their study and living expenses. This is why Poland is considered one of the best countries for international students.

After Study Prospects

International students who have obtained their higher education degrees in Poland are highly recommended to apply for post-study jobs in Poland. There are many job opportunities in Poland for the international students. Students can apply for jobs with Polish employers, and Polish employers provide them with “Poland Work Permit“.

International students are not only limited in providing the work opportunities but under certain circumstances, international candidates are allowed to apply for Poland Permanent Residence and Poland Citizenship

Health Insurance for Poland Student Visa

The quality of healthcare in Poland is very high. All international students must have health insurance if they want to live and study in Poland. Students must have private health insurance to cover their medical issues.

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An increasing number of students are choosing to study in Poland. There are several reasons why people choose Poland as a preferred study abroad country. Poland is not only attractive to international students who want to study in Poland, but also to visitors from all over the world who want to experience the wonders and adventure of Poland.

Our main goal is to talk about how can Poland be the best place to study abroad? Below are the reasons that will help you decide whether choosing Poland would be a good or bad decision.

1. Polish Education System is Outstanding

The education system in Poland has been around since the middle of the 19th century. Some of the oldest institutions in the country are here. For example, the most famous one is the Jagiellonian University, which was established in 14th century. There are over 400 study programs available in English from Polish universities, and most of them are at the undergraduate level.

English language environment and support to learn the Polish language with advanced level education system all are the factors allow us to call Poland the best destination.

2. Low-Cost Study and Living Style

The cost of education in Poland for the international students is much cheaper than in other European countries and other countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, etc. In Poland, public sector universities offer education annually within the range of 2,300$-4,530$. Some cases or courses have a higher than average tuition fee. The maximum tuition fee in Poland ranges between 4000$-6,800$.

Compared to the United Kingdom and other developed countries, Poland provides a good living style at an affordable price. You need to pay between 320$ and 670$ per month to cover the living expenses.

3. Bologna Process

A series of interministerial dialogues and meetings between the standards and quality of higher education in Poland and European countries.

4. A Multicultural Environment

Every year, hundreds of foreign nationals immigrate to Poland in search of permanent residency. This is why there are so many different nationalities, cultures, and languages in Poland. It’s because Poland is a center of multi-culturalism.

During your study stay in Poland, you can experience multi-cultures which are just an amazing feeling to do in life.

5. Incredible Rate of Foreigners  

A recent estimate on the foreign migration rate in Poland shows that there are 228,218 foreign nationals residing in the country with a permanent residence permit. This large number of foreign nationals does not belong to the European Union, European Economic Area, or Swiss regions. All of them are foreign nationals who are not citizens of the European Union. This fact proves the worth of living in Poland.

6. Secure And Safest Country

Poland stands out in terms of safety and security. It is safer than the Nordic countries, which are considered the safest countries in the world. However, recent estimates have shown that the crime rate in the Nordic countries is higher than in Poland.

7. A Place Of Adventure And Entertainment

Poland is rich in quality including historical heritage as well as contemporary achievements. There were 5 Nobel Prize-winning writers produced in Poland. There are many musicians who belong to Poland who have written the new chapters of the syllabus of the music. For fun, there are culturally rich events and festivals that come to Poland after certain intervals.

UEFA European Football Championships of 2012 was hosted by Poland and it always keeps ready to offer such opportunities of entertainment.

8. Latest Jobs and Career Opportunities 2023 in Poland

International students are provided with great support in Poland. For this purpose, we do not find scholarship programs in Poland. But, we also find opportunities for part-time working during studies.

According to Polish law and regulations, international students are allowed to work for at least 40 hours a week with 5 working days

If you want to apply to Polish universities, you must apply directly to those institutes which you have selected. Sometimes it’s not so simple to apply to international universities, but once you’ve made your decision, don’t waste any more time thinking about it. Make the potential implements that will turn your dream into a reality.

But the problem is that sometimes students don’t know how to submit an application. In fact, it’s the main process that makes your educational journey possible. If you’re having any issues with your application, then you’ll need to read the following article to understand how to submit a safe application.

How to Plan Your Studies?  

  • Take pre-planning about your destination. Make know how much the destination is popular for study which has chosen by you.

  • Then you have complete knowledge about the education system to which you are going to be part.

  • Which kind of living style offered by your chosen destination? It is necessary to know. Whether you can afford it and mingle with it or not.

  • In the end, you have to go through a proper budget plan. What is tuition fee cost and the living cost will come to see? Whether it will be affordable for you or not.

What is Your Study Program?

Before you apply, the most important thing to remember is to pick the right study program. First, make sure you know what you’re interested in. Then, find out how far-reaching your chosen subject is around the world. Ask your seniors for their thoughts. Ask yourself if you’re qualified for the chosen study program. If the answer is yes, then apply.

Does Poland Offer You The Best University?

After selecting your subject or study area, the next step is to select your institute. There are various types of institutes available. The best institutes offer several study areas. Select the institute that offers the best faculty according to your subject.

The most popular courses of study offered by Polish universities include Architecture, Fashion Studies, Photography Studies, Business Studies, Law Studies, and Medical Studies.

Admission Requirements For Undergraduate in Poland Universities 2023

Every year, Polish Universities offer a wide range of undergraduate programs. Bachelor of art courses can be completed within 3-3.5 years. Bachelor of science courses can be completed in 3.5-4 years. The following are the requirements for applying for a Bachelor degree program:

Required Documents:

Following documents are required to apply for undergraduate or bachelors’ studies program:

  • Higher secondary school certificate is required

  • School or college leaving certificate

  • Duly filled the application form for a Polish university

  • Copy of identity or travel documents i.e. ID card and passport etc.

  • Recent 04 photographs (passport size)

  • A medical certificate which will show you are medically fit

  • Admission fee receipt is necessary to show  

  • Language proficiency certificates (English/Polish)

Admission Requirements For Postgraduatein Poland Universities for Students 2023

If you meet the criteria for a Masters’ degree, you will be invited to apply for admission to Polish universities. Generally, Master’s degrees from Polish universities take between two and two-and-a-half to three years to complete. However, in certain cases, such as Engineering, Art, Medicine, and Veterinary degrees, it may take up to five years to complete. The requirements for admission to a Master’s degree may vary depending on the university, but the general requirements are outlined below.

Required Documents

  • Bachelors’ degree in the relevant field with required grades is required

  • Correctly filled the application form

  • Four recent photographs

  • Reference letter from the previous educational institute is required

  • Travel and identity documents including National ID card and passport are required

  • Medical fitness or clearance certificate is required

  • English or Polish Language proficiency certificates are required   

Admission Requirements For PhD 2023 in Poland for International Students

The requirements for a doctorate degree vary from university to university in Poland. However, in general, you must have a masters’ degree in your field of study. In addition, you must submit an impressive thesis in order to obtain a doctorate degree from a Polish university..

The criteria vary from institution to institution, which is why students are encouraged to reach out directly to their preferred institutions for a secure and precise admission guide.

Required Documents

  • Master degree with the relevant subject.

  • Valid travel document i.e. passport is required

  • A national identity card is required.

  • Medical clearance certificate (if required)

  • Financial proof  

  • Reference letter (if required)

  • Language proficiency test (English or polish)  

Academic Calendars by Polish Universities

The academic calendar and admission deadlines may differ from subject to subject and university to university. However, the following is the general academic calendar followed by many Polish universities:

Fall/Winter Session:

It starts in October and lasts until mid of February.

Spring/Summer Session:

In February spring or summer session starts and it ends in the month of June.

Tuition Fee  

Following is the fee structure of the Polish Universities for a different level of studies:

Degree Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Program

Around 2000 EURs

Master Program

Around 2000 to 3,000 EURs

PhD Program/ Vocational Courses  

Around 3000 EURs



Tuition fee for MBA Business degrees in Poland ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 annually. 

Language Requirements:

Following are the language requirements for getting admissions in Polish universities:

English Language Requirements:

Almost all the study courses students can find in the English language. One of the following tests will be required to submit along with admission application:

·        IELTS

·        C1 Advanced

·        TOEFL

Polish Language Requirements:

You must have advanced level of Polish Language proficiency in order to enroll in Polish language courses.

How Students can Apply for Poland Top Universities in 2023

The admission process in Poland is much simpler than in other countries such as UK, USA, etc., and only takes a few months for a secure admission process. In other countries, the admission process takes almost 5-6 years. In Poland, most universities offer an online admission process, and students can apply directly to their chosen universities for admission.

For further assistance, students are to be suggested to apply through Best Study Abroad Consultants

There is no doubt that European countries provide an outstanding level of education and higher education. However, the cost of a study in Europe is much higher than the cost of study in Pakistan. One of the countries where students are paying a lot of money for a higher education degree is Poland.

The cost of a study abroad program does not depend solely on the university tuition fee. There are several factors that influence the cost and expenses of study abroad programs. European countries excel in providing support to international students. Many countries offer scholarships to partially and fully cover the tuition fee. However, students must pay for the quality of life in Poland. Below are the factors that affect the cost and expenditure of students.

Pre Departure Costs

Following is the list of pre-departure costs students have to pay for them:  

  • Previous Academic Transcripts:

One of the first things we know is that in order to get good grades or good CGPA in your study program in Pakistan, you have to go to the high-quality educational institutions. These institutions provide educational degrees at the secondary school or university level with a large sum of money.

  • Language Proficiency Test:

After attaining a basic educational qualification, students must demonstrate fluency in the language they intend to enroll in a study program.

  • Application Process:

In order to apply to universities, students must pay a certain amount called admission application fee (application fee). Usually, to avoid rejection, students are required to apply to more than one university. Application fee for one university is between 20,000 and 30,000 KPR.

  • Travel Documents:

In order to travel abroad, it is necessary to possess certain travel documents. From these, a basic passport is the only essential element. Students should be aware that a standard passport is prepared in 5,400 kPm.

  • Visa Fee:

Students travel on behalf of visa which is required for getting entrance permission into Poland. D-Type visa is required and 60 EURs fees of this visa students have to pay.  

  • Personal Expenses:

You are going to a foreign country where you will never have a family to take care of your expenses. You will have to manage them all by yourself. At the initial stages, students will not be able to find suitable jobs to take care of their own living expenses. Therefore, students need to bring an appropriate amount of money as pocket money during the journey.

After Departure Cost

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll be faced with many more challenges to overcome. The following are the costs or expenses that students incur after reaching their study abroad location.


In some instances, students are required to take care of their accommodation before leaving. However, in most cases, students take care of the accommodation after arrival at their place of stay. For taking proper accommodation with all basic needs, students must pay between 300 and 500 EURs per month. With this amount, not only can you take care of your accommodation but also cover your basic living expenses.

Residence Permit And Other Documents

In order to obtain a long-term visa to study in Poland, students must apply for the temporary stay card prior to the expiration of their D-type visa. The cost of this stay card is between 60 and 70 euros per year. After passing a year, this stay card needs to be renewed.

Tuition Fees

There are different fee ranges for different types of subjects. Below is the full chart of the tuition fees for study in Poland.

Degree Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Program

Around 2000 EURs

Master Program

Around 2000 to 3,000 EURs

PhD Program/ Vocational Courses 

Around 3000 EURs


Scholarships or Funding Programs 2023 for Students

Of course, the above discussion scared you because it shows the series of fees and expenses to our students. However, we are going to bring the smile to our students’ faces. Students are to know that Poland offers several types of scholarships programs to international students, including Pakistani students, to overcome the burden of tuition fees and in some cases, living expenses.

Several types of government and private scholarships programs including The Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarships, CNBCh PhD Scholarships program, Polish National Agency Scholarships Program, NSC 24-Month Scholarships Program, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Program, ECDC Training Fellowship Program, Lazarski Foundation Scholarships, CERN Junior Fellowship Program and many others are offering by Poland to support international students

Study In Poland Questions

  • High-Quality Universities

  • Vibrant Student and Cultural Life

  • Scholarships

  • Affordable and Delicious Cuisine

  • Polish Hospitality 


  • Intermediate certificate or equivalent document;

  • An English proficiency test

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Reference letter

Post Graduate:

  • Candidate’s CV with the details about the school and professional career optionally;

  • One academic reference and one personal reference;

  • Filled out the application form;

  • 4 passport-size photographs;

  • Copy of the candidate’s ID;

  • Proof of English language proficiency (unless the first degree was taught in English);

  • Medical certificate with no contraindication for studying;

  • Admission fee payment receipt

  • Student Visa Application form

  • Valid passport

  • Acceptance Letter

  • A short CV

  • Your school certificates and diplomas

  • Certificate of proficiency in the language in which you wish to   study

  • Health insurance

  • One passport-sized photo

  • Visa Application Fee, payable by cash/postal order

  • Proof of Accommodation in Poland, if required

It is very easy to apply for Poland visa, Register yourself and book an appointment for a visa    interview, before that collect all relevant documents.

Education in a state institution of Higher education commission is free for Poland students and for foreigners’ students who commence studies at state HEIs on terms applicable to polish citizens. Expect those all other foreigners are required to pay tuition fees:

  • EUR 2000 per year for professional higher study, master’s and postgraduate master’s courses;

  • EUR 3000 per year for doctoral, postgraduate and specialist courses and scientific, artistic, specialist and habilitation internships;

  • EUR 2000 per year for a language course, including a course preparing for study in Polish.

No, at all, Poland Universities offers a study program in English. So you don’t need to learn Poland for your admission Purpose.

Fall semester starts in October and lasts till February; Spring Semester starts in mid-February and lasts till June.

There are 443 scholarships available to study in Poland a few listed below:

  • Jelvix scholarships Program 2019

  • Scholarship Grant for undergraduate students

  • Poland My First Choice scholarship

  • Business plan scholarships

  • Services cape scholarship 2019

Using English as the medium of instruction .

  • University accommodation

  • Private accommodation

  • Homestay

Some of the universities ask for IELTS but at the same time, IELTS is not required for those students whose previous medium of education is English.

Yes!! International students can do part-time work while studying in Poland.

Graduate of a Polish Higher education institution doesn’t need a permit to work here.

If you have the right skill and good communication ability as well as you knows the local language it’s a high way for you to get a Job.

There would be a number of career opportunities for students after study completion in Poland.

In order to apply for this permit, you must stay legally and continuously in Poland for a minimum of 5 years, and you must have a steady and regular income for the first 3 years in Poland immediately prior to applying for this permit. You must also have health insurance and a good knowledge of Polish.

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