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You will come across Hungary several times on the internet when you are looking for the best European country to study abroad. Hungary is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world according to several international student surveys. It is providing quality education with low admission fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a wide range of courses. The courses are offered in both English/German as well as Hungarian languages. Hungary is a member of the European Union and is part of the Schengen area. If you have completed your degree from the Hungarian University, you can apply for the 9 months resident permit in order to find employment.

You will come across Hungary several times on the internet when you are looking for the best European country to study abroad. Hungary is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world according to several international student surveys. It is providing quality education with low admission fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a wide range of courses. The courses are offered in both English/German as well as Hungarian languages. Hungary is a member of the European Union and is part of the Schengen area. If you have completed your degree from the Hungarian University, you can apply for the 9 months resident permit in order to find employment.

High Value of Hungarian University’s Degrees 2023 in Europe and Around the World:

Hungarian Universities have adopted the Bologna system of education:

Higher education in Hungary is regulated in accordance with the Bologna procedure, which works in all the European Higher Education Areas (HEAs). As a result, degrees awarded in Hungary are more comparable internationally.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System):

You can take your ECTs with you wherever you go in the European Union. ECT is a common qualification recognised by all global and national HEIs. It is a work-based system based on learning.

An Education System that will make you Skillful and Knowledgeable:

The European Court of Auditors (ECTS) and the Bologna education system have made education uniform across Europe. Anyone who studies in a Hungarian university will have the same level of education as the UK, but at much more affordable rates. You will emerge as an educated and well-acceded person, and you will be ready to enter your career as an educated person. The Hungarian universities provide research-based education, and they have adopted the most modern and progressive teaching methods.

Hungary has 4th Most Affordable Fees Structure in Europe:

The per-year fee is close to 3000-5000 euros. You can search for scholarships options or fee grants option as the Hungarian Government runs several scholarships.

You will get International Exposure and Opportunities While Study Hungarian Universities:

Many people choose to study abroad to gain international acclimation and experience. Hungarian Universities are providing all this. Hungary is a country of prosperous multinational companies. Recruiters are always looking for skilled workers. In your last year of education, you may be able to get the job you want. A degree from a Hungarian university will open the door to many opportunities in different career fields that you were previously unaware of.

Easy Admission Process in Hungarian University for Students:

High school diploma or bachelor’s degree (for graduate program), language proficiency and entrance examination (in some institutions) are the main criteria for admission to Hungarian Universities. Candidates must adhere to the application submission deadlines of their preferred Hungarian University.

Student Visa Process in Hungary for Students 2023:

According to DailyNewsHungary, it was hosting over 28 thousand international students until 2017. Half of your work is done after acquiring an acceptance letter. The Hungarian student visa process is simple and easy. They will require a bank transfer of the tuition fee payment in addition to acceptance letter. Other documents required are a valid passport, a reserved ticket and health insurance card and the student’s visa is being processed within 60 days.

Estimated Student Accommodation and Living Expenses for Students:

Almost all Hungarian Universities offer dormitories facility to students in just 150 Euros approximately per month. Other private accommodation options such as;

  • Private apartment will cost 250 to 300 Euros

  • One bedroom Flat will cost 200 to 250 Euros

  • Shared Flat will cost 350 to 600 Euros ( the rent and bills can be divided between roommates)

  • Studio Apartment will cost 600 Euros

General living expenses with accommodation and living expenses including food transport and entertainment you will have to spend 450 to 500 Euros per month/ per person which is quite low coast in all over Europe.

Availability of Part Time Jobs in Hungary During Study Abroad:

Students have the right to work 24 hours a week in Hungary. There are many part-time jobs available in Hungary. Hungary is one of the most developed countries in the world and is host to many big-name multinational companies that offer part-time, full-time jobs to their interns. This adds value to the students’ CVs and provides them with useful experience for their future careers. Students who possess any special skills such as photography, social media manipulation and content writing can make enough money to cover their daily and monthly costs.

You can apply For a PR visa After Completion of Your Degree in Hungary:

The most prominent attraction that is deriving hundreds of students to study in Hungary is PR Visa Availability after graduating from Hungarian University. You can convert your study visa to work visa before it expires. Hungarian Government allows a 9 month duration post study residence permit to all of its international graduates. click here

Hungary Allows residence Permit On the Basis of Employment after Graduating from Hungarian Universities:

During this period, the students can find employment or start a business, and then apply for a national residence permit. This process is not expensive, and in fact, it is very easy for those who want to establish themselves in Hungary. Once you get your national residence permit (NRP) on employment base, you can enjoy the same facilities as Hungarian nationals. After 8 years of stay, the Hungarian Government allows citizenship if the individual has no criminal record. Hungary is one of the few European countries with a very flexible visa and citizenship policy. The country is allowing the spouse, parents or children of residence permit holders to stay in Hungary.

Medical Health Insurance of Hungary for International Students 

Hungary is part of Schengen, which allows you to enter EU countries. One of the visa requirements is health insurance. The health insurance must cover your medical condition and accidents while in Hungary.

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Hungary is the 57th largest economy in the world. It has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and one of the oldest, well-established higher education systems in the world. The country has expertise in a wide range of courses. The degrees awarded by the Hungarian Universities rank at 44th place out of 148 countries according to the Global competitiveness report 2014. Therefore, Hungary is definitely the best study abroad destination in terms of the following factors:

Free Education for EU Students and Affordable Fee for Non-EU Students in Hungary:

Public universities in Hungary do not charge any fees from EU students. Non-EU students will have to pay 1000-3000 euros annually. The only requirement is to pass the Matura examination, which is conducted for admission in undergraduate programs. If you get diploma or postgraduate degree from Hungarian university, it is internationally recognized and reputable.

Schengen State and European Union Member:

According to the Bologna System, a student studying in a European University of one Schengen state can transfer to European University of another Schengen state. In addition, having a visa of a Schengen state opens doors for you to travel all around Europe and find employment opportunities and settling options. 

English/German/Hungarian Medium Courses:

Although Hungarian is the mother tongue of Hungary, courses at Hungarian Universities are offered in English/German as well as Hungarian.

Latest Scholarships Options for International Students in Hungary 2023:

Hungarian Government is offering a number of scholarships programmes for international students. The scholarship offer course fees, textbooks, or even living and accommodation costs. The available scholarship options in Hungarian Universities are: 

  • The Hungarian Scholarship Board

  • The Visegrad Fund

  • Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme

New Part Time Jobs 2023 for Students in Hungary and Low Living Cost:

Living cost in Hungary is affordable and high quality. All kinds of student accommodations are available for students whether that is shared rooms or dormitories and that too at low costs.

International students can work for 24 hours a week, and minimum wage is €425 per month for unskilled labor

Hungary is one of the safest countries for international students, with the lowest rate of crime in Europe. Studying in Hungary will take you on a progressive path, and will provide you with an insight into the rich history of the higher education system in the country. The geographical location of Hungary makes it attractive for international students, as it is a neighbor of Romania, Slovakia and some of the Schengen countries. Hungary is a Schengen member and a member of the European Union. Hungary is an economically prosperous and academically advanced European country. It offers English-taught, German-taught and Hungarian-taught courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Here is a comprehensive guide explaining the admission criteria for students in Hungary.

Admission in Hungary for Under Graduate Programs 2023 Guide fr Students:

Entry Test Requirements:

The under graduate students have to pass standard education test called Matura /Érettségi Bizonyítvány (Secondary Education Graduation Certificate). 

Language Proficiency Test Requirement: 

For admission in English Taught Course: If the candidate applying for admissions is not from English speaking country, he has to pass IELTS or TOEFL. At least gain 6.5 bands in IELTS and 70 – 90 in TOEFL test. For admissions in German Course: The students have to pass German proficiency test. For admissions in Hungarian language a Hungarian language proficiency test certificate is required.

Method of Applying:

Admissions of international students for under graduate programs are processed in two methods. The students can choose one method of application. The two methods are: the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) or the Common Application.

Degree Requirement:

High School diploma

Documents Requirement:

Transcript of high school records, certificates and recommendation letters if any. 

Fee for undergraduate programs:

EU students can study free in Hungary. The average fee ranges from 1000 to 3000 Euro per academic year for non-EU students. 

Latest Scholarships 2023 and fee grants by Hungarian Universities for  Students:

Most of the scholarships in Hungary are run by the Hungarian Government. These scholarships include: StipendiumHungaricumScholarship Programme Bilateral StateScholarship EEA GrantsScholarships Students are eligible for the following scholarships in Hungary: Fee Waiver Living Expenses Gifts for studying in Hungarian Higher Education Institutions Eligibility Information for Hungarian Scholarship You must get the eligibility information for Hungarian Scholarship from our study abroad Consultants on our website

Admissions in Hungary for Post Graduate Programs:

Entry Test Requirement:

There are some Hungarian intuitions that will require an entrance test, but not all of them. The entrance tests will be based on a face-to-face Skype interview with the university’s administration.

Language Proficiency Test Requirement:

If you have completed your degree in the English language, then English language test is not compulsory in Hungarian universities. The entrance test will also check your English speaking ability. Otherwise, language proficiency requirement in Hungarian universities is that students have to have 6.5 band IELTS qualification or 70 to 90 band TOEFL qualification. If the course is taught in German language, then a German Language Proficiency Test Certificate is required. If it is taught in Hungarian language, then a Hungarian Language Proficiency Test certificate is required.

Degree Requirement:

Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in English or German, transcript of academic transcripts, certificates and recommendation letters, if any, and four years of undergraduate degree is required to apply for a Master’s.

Method of Applying: 

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) or the Common Application methods are used to apply for admissions in Hungarian Universities. The students can use either one of them both. 

Documents Requirement:

Transcript of your academic records. The Universities will specifically check the grades in the subjects you are taking admissions in Hungarian University as your major subject.

Fee for Post Graduate Programs:

Non EU students have to pay fee to study in Hungarian Universities. Studies in Hungary are cheap cost as compare to other developed European States. On average an international students has to pay 2000 Euros per year. 

Scholarships and Fee Grants:

Stipendium Hungaricum, Bilateral State Scholarships, Erasmus+, CEEPUS and EEA Grants Scholarships are Hungarian Government run scholarships programs. Those give grants to students for living cost, fee cost and travel expenditures. 

Entry Test requirement:

Most probably an oral exam or interview will be taken. You might even have to travel to Hungary for this. A personal statement outlining your interest in PhD study course will be required along with application form.

Language Proficiency Test requirement:

You will have to prove your proficiency in language for the course you are taking admission in Hungarian University. IELTS and TOEFL bands will be specified by University administrations for English taught courses. For German taught courses German proficiency test certificate is required and for Hungarian taught courses Hungarian language proficiency test certificate is required.

Degree Requirement:

Masters Degree record including some information on the content of your course and the qualification gained and their grades. 

Method of Applying:

For doctoral programs the candidates can apply directly at online websites of Hungarian Universities.

Documents Requirement:

you personal statement explaining your area of interest in PHD study, academic and professional references and transcript of your academic records, certificates and a CV of your professional experience if any. 

Fee for PhD Programs:

Different Hungarian Universities are charging different fees which may vary between €5,000 and 15,000 per year on average.

Scholarships and Fee Grants:

There are several scholarships programs in Hungarian Universities for PhD students which include: ECDC Training Fellowship Programme (EPIET & EUPHEM) for International Students,  Joint Research Scholarship Program for EU Citizens at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, IAS Junior/Senior Core Fellowships at Central European University in Hungary, 2023 and IAS CEU Thyssen Research Fellowships for International Students in Hungary, 2023 and many more. You have to check Hungarian University’s websites for more scholarship offers and their details.

International Students Require the Following General Documents for Admissions in Hungarian Universities

• Complete application form.

• Complete Transcript of Academic Record of Diplomas and Certificates.

• A CV with detail.

• Scan of your passport.

• Evidence of professional experience, if required by the University/College.

• Recommendation letters if required by University/College.

• Evidence of English-language proficiency for courses delivered in English, or a Hungarian language certificate if you are opting for a course delivered in Hungarian.

Application Deadlines for Admissions in Hungarian Universities

SEPTEMBER INTAKE: Submissions start from 30th of May to Final: 30th of June

FEBRUARY INTAKE: Submissions start from 15th of October to Final: 30th of November

NOTE: The students must complete the documents requirement before the application submission starts because no application will be accepted after the deadline ends

A degree from an international university increases the value of your CV, provides outstanding knowledge and abilities, promotes personal development, and guarantees you a prosperous future. Hungary provides free education to students from EU/EEAs and is offering several scholarships to support the education expenses of students from outside the European Union. As a Schengen state, the Hungarian visa can provide many opportunities for students from all over the world. The higher education quality in Hungary is world-class and highly acclaimed. The students who are considering studying in Hungary, can get an estimate of study costs in Hungary from this guide.

Average Tuition Fee In Hungary Universities for Students 2023:

The tuition fee might vary on the course or programme you have selected to study. There is a big difference between public and private university fee packages. Hungary is the 4th cheapest country in Europe. State-funded universities charge 1000-3000 euros per year. Private universities are expensive and may charge more than 5000 euros per year. The average fee for short term diplomas within 90 days duration is 450 euros.

Average Tuition Fee For UnderGraduate Programmes in Hungary 2023 for Students:

On average the tuition fee for under graduate programme in Hungarian Universities for non-EU students is approximately 1000-3000 Euros per year. 

Average Tuition Fee For PostGraduate Programmes in Hungary for Students 2023:

The cost of post graduate programming in Hungary varies from university to university and can be as low as €5000 to as high as €15000 per year.

Average Registration Fee:

The registration fee, which includes the examinations fee and the application fee, can cost you around EUR 100 to 150.

Latest Scholarships Options for students in Hungary 2023:

Stipendium Hungaricum

5000+ students from all over the world study in Hungary through Stipendium scholarship programme. Stipendium scholarship is a state-funded scholarship programme in Hungary. It is based on bilateral relationship and state academic agreement. 70 Countries from 5 continents study in Hungary. Many countries are also recipients of Stipendium scholarships. Students can get more information from the official website of HEC. It is open for undergraduate, Graduate and postgraduate programmes. Eligibility criteria will be specified by HEC.

CEU/HESP Visiting Research Fellowship

Students can apply for this scholarship programme. Under this scholarship, students can study Social Sciences or Humanities programmes at the Central European University in Budapest. Interested students can visit the official website of Central European University to know more about this scholarship and the application deadline.

Finance Your Education in Hungary Through Hungarian Student Loan Centre:

Hungarian Government is well aware of financial problems students face while studying in abroad. To accommodate non-EU international students, Hungarian government grants loans and fee waivers through Hungarian Student Loan Centre. The students will not have to pay tuition fee or registration for higher studies in Hungarian state universities if they are eligible for Hungarian Student Loan Centre provided funds. The eligibility criteria is:• a permanent residence or immigration card• to be under 40 years old• income based repayment of loans (get a job from students job agencies to fund your university )• Minimum wage for unskilled student’s worker is 450 Euro set by Hungarian government and skilled student worker will get 650 Euros minimum. Under income based repayment the students can spare a certain amount from their income and put it university repayment fund section of student’s job agencies

Study In Hungary Questions

  • High quality education.
  • Multicultural.
  • Part time job with studying.
  • High visa success rate.
  • Two intakes February and September.
FA/FSc or A levels certificateFA/FSc or A levels certificate
English language or German proficiency certificate according to selected programUndergraduate degree required for admission in masters
Statement of purposeAnd for PHD admisson Graduate degree is required in an appropriate subject
Photocopy of your passport or id cardEnglish language or German proficiency certificate according to selected program
Statement of purpose
Photocopy of your passport or id card
  • Complete visa application form.
  • Passport.
  • All academic records
  • 6 passport size Photo.
  • Travel health insurance.
  • Acceptance letter of university.
  • Proof of payment of min 1 semester fees.
  • Sufficient bank statement.
Visa processing take almost 1 to 4 months. And after arriving in Hungary student have to apply for Residence within 15 days.
Generally there are Two intakes February and September.
  • Tempus Public Foundation Hungarian State Scholarships
  • Hungary iASK Research Scholarships

For more scholarships click here:

Most of the courses in Hungary are available in English and German. As an international Language student, you must submit a language proficiency certificate in accordance with the chosen program.
Studying in Hungary is pretty cheap. If you’re part of a state-funded program, you can study for free. But if you’re an international student, you’ll have to pay around 2000 euros a year.

Student have many options to choose when looking for private or public accommodation i.e.

  • University dormitory.
  • Rent a room
  • Flat.
  • Housing.
  • Homestay
Yes student can work part time while studying. Students can work 4 to 6 hours/ day.
Almost 3 to 8 years it varies, from university to university
The quality of education system in Hungary is recognised all over the world. Therefore, after obtaining higher education in Hungary, any student can pursue their career anywhere in the world without any aproval restrictions. Students can also pursue their career in Hungary if they find employment or start their own business after higher education.
Yes, after 5 years of continuous residency.
The student visa cost for Hungary is approximately 26400 Hungarian forint
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