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What is a Master in Humanities

Humanities —  Sometimes known as The Humanities, are a group of academic fields that concentrate on how humans comprehend, articulate, and record their human experience in this world. This involves research on communication, how ideas and knowledge are developed, how society works, behaviour patterns and difficulties, historical and cultural events, as well as interpersonal interactions and relationships.

Some of the main subdisciplines of Humanities are Anthropology, Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Cultural Studies, Ethics, Modern or Ancient Philosophy, and others. These fields of study represent the various means of expression that we have used to try to understand the world and our place in it.

Humanities for Master

What you learn?

Humanities might be a great degreeif you find people fascinating and wish to learn as much as you can about our past, present, and potential future developments. The curriculum will primarily depend on the subdiscipline or specialisation you select because this is such a big field. History, traditional logic, philosophy, culture and identities, creative writing, critical thinking, politics, religion, meaning and value, creative research, etc. are all common humanities topics.


During Humanities classes,You will be inspired to use your imagination, explore concepts, develop theories and arguments, perform your own research and analysis, and draw conclusions. These activities will help you develop into a strong critical thinker who can tell fact from fiction or propaganda.

Here are some of the most popular jobs chosen by Humanities graduates: teacher, counsellor, technical writer, editor, genealogist, and linguist.Click here

Students of Humanities learn your ability to think critically and creatively. They are urged to make inquiries and develop their own interpretations. Graduates in the humanities are excellent writers and do excellent independent research.

Humanities for Master

Interesting Programs for you


Teaching English as a Second - Foreign Language

The University of Arizona Tucson, United States

Translation Studies (Distance Learning)

University of Portsmouth Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Art History in Rome from Late Antiquity to the Present

Tor Vergata University of Rome Roma, Italy
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