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Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

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What is a PHD in Hospitality, Leisure & Sports?

Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports is a larger category of disciplines that has given rise to a number of degrees in tourism, hospitality management, culinary arts, event planning, and sports management. If you enjoy interacting with people, exploring new places, cooking delectable meals, organizing events, and running sports teams and enterprises, you should pick one of these disciplines.

Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports has been growing in popularity because it helps students transform their passions into successful careers.

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports for PHD

What you learn?

The courses focus on academic outcomes, such as becoming an expert chef, organising events, catering for tourists and providing them with a great experience, or managing sports teams and sports facilities.

Depending on your specialisations, you can choose from courses in: Cultural and Natural Heritage International Tourism Business and Professional Ethics Sports Marketing and Sales Leading the Service Experience Quantity Food Production Social Innovation

People who graduate Hospitality, Leisure & Sports choose careers such as: travel agent, hotel and resort staff, tour guide, restaurant manager, athletic director, personal chef, and others.Click here

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports for PHD

Interesting Programs for you


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University of Technology Sydney Sydney, Australia

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