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Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

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What is a Bachelor in Hospitality, Leisure & Sports?

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a larger category of disciplines that has led to the development of numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the fields of tourism & leisure, sports management, hospitality management, culinary arts, and event management. If you enjoy socializing, travelling, cooking delicious food, organizing events, or running sports teams or enterprises, you should pick one of these disciplines.

A growing number of students are choosing to major in hospitality, leisure, and sports because it enables them to turn their passions into lucrative employment.


Hospitality, Leisure & Sports for bachelor

What you learn?

Courses in Hospitality, Leisure & Sports focus on different goals. You can choose from learning how to become a excellent chef, ensure that events are efficiently run, learn how to meet the demands of visitors and ensure they have a wonderful time, or get management skills for sports teams and other areas within the business.

During classes, You will learn how to manage people and businesses, plan and organize, advertise, as well as cooperate and communicate. Particularly if you plan to work in a multicultural workplace, these would be helpful.

Studying Hospitality, Leisure & Sports is a great experience, especially  if you enjoy engaging with and supporting others. You might make sure that visitors to your hotel consistently post 5-star evaluations or assist couples in finding the ideal honeymoon location. Be the tour guide that knows all the answers, the greatest places to eat, and where to shoot unique pictures if you’re passionate about cities and architecture.

People who graduate Hospitality, Leisure & Sports choose careers such as: travel agent, hotel and resort staff, tour guide, restaurant manager, athletic director, personal chef, and others.click here

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports for bachelor

Interesting Programs for you


Baking and Pastry

Kendall College Chicago, United States

Management - Hospitality and Tourism Management

Pace University New York City, United States

Sport and Recreation Management

South Dakota State University Brookings, United States
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