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Students have set high standards and criteria for studying abroad destinations. One of the most important criteria is the quality of education and international recognition. Finland is one of the best study abroad destinations in terms of education quality and facilities. Effective research, high-quality and prestigious higher education institutions, state-of-the-art facilities, cultivated and experienced faculty are some of the reasons why Finland is considered the best study abroad destination. Although geographically located in the far north of Europe, Finland is a developed country. It has a high standard of living, a high-income economy and political stability.

Admission Requirements 2023 of Finnish Universities for Students:

Finnish universities provide a wide range of English-language courses for all academic levels and study streams. The universities in Finland have a broad-based curriculum design and an internationally recognised degree structure. Once you have decided on the study programme and the university you would like to study at in Finland, review the eligibility criteria and the tuition fee structure. Compare the fee structure of several universities and choose the one that suits your budget best. The eligibility criterion for admission to foreign universities at different academic levels in Finnish Universities is as follows:

Under Graduate Admissions Requirements in Finland 2023 for Students:

Higher Secondary School Certificate or Equivalent Degree, Entry Test Passing Certificate of SAT, IB, EB an RP or DIA examinations etc, Interview will be taken, letter of motivation and English Language Proficiency Test Certificate.

Post Graduate (Masters) Admissions Requirements in Finland Universities 2023 :

A Bachelors Honors degree (4 years duration Degree Programme) will be considered for Masters Admission. A Bachelors degree from an internationally recognised university of your country will be considered for admission. A bachelor’s degree with 180 end-of-course certificates (ECTs) will be accepted. A motivation letter and an interview will be conducted to evaluate the academic ability of the student. If the student meets this criterion, admission will be considered.. English Language Proficiency Test Certificate will be required for admission in English taught study programme.

Post Graduate (PhD) Admissions in Finland 2023 for Students Guide:

Acquiring a Bachelor’s Honors Degree or a Masters Degree from an internationally renowned university is a requirement for the applicant. Both degrees must be obtained with high grades, or at least 180 English Language Certificates (ELLCs) are required. To be eligible for admission in an English-language study programme, applicants must submit a research proposal, demonstrate research experience, update their CV, and demonstrate work experience in the relevant field. The applicant will be invited for an interview conducted by the faculty research supervisor, who will determine whether or not to accept the application.click here

Student Permit of Finland or Student Visa of Finland 2023

A student permit is issued to foreign nationals who are pursuing a full-time study program at a Finnish University, while a student visa is issued to foreign students who are pursuing a short-term study program in Finland. The process for obtaining either a student permit or a student visa is exactly the same; it begins when you receive the letter of acceptance from a Finnish university. After being accepted by a Finnish university, you will visit the Finnish embassy or consulate in your country to request a visa. The documents you will need to obtain a student visa in Finland may vary from country to country, but in general, the following documents are required

  • Original Letter of Acceptance from Finnish University

  • Transcripts of Academic records (Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, Accolades)

  • Proof of Finances (The Students must prove that he/she can spend 560 Euros per month or 6720 Euros per year through authenticated Bank Statement)\

  • Proof of Arranged Accommodation in Finland. (rental contract, booking receipt, residential address)

  • Proof of Paid Tuition fee

  • Health Insurance Coverage

  • Medical Examination Certificate

  • Clearance Letter from Police Station (As Proof of Good Character of Candidate)

  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificate

Permanent Residency of Finland Requirements 2023 for Students

A foreign national can become a permanent resident of Finland after 4 years of continuous residence in Finland on the basis of legal documents. For foreign students, there are two generous offers offered by Finland: If the foreign national finds employment at the end of his/her study programme while his/her study permit remains valid, he/she can immediately get work permit in Finland. If he/she does not find employment at the end and his/her permit remains valid, then he/she can apply for 1 year visa extension in Finland for job search purposes. If fresh graduates find employment in Finland as soon as possible, then he can apply for a work permit in Finland that is in line with his/her salary scale. In order to obtain work permit in Finland, a foreign national must have been offered a job in Finland that pays him or her at least EUR 1,211 per year according to 2019 review. The minimum pay scale will be reviewed annually. The work permit will initially be granted for a period of 1 year at first and can be extended each time based on the employment contract status and perquisites.

Living and Study Expenses in Finland for Students

In order to obtain a student permit and visa in Finland, a foreign national must prove that they can afford to spend EUR 560 per month for their living expenses. It is clear that a student needs to spend only EUR 560 per month to cover their living expenses in Finland, which includes: Accommodation, Food, Travel and Entertainment. However, the affordability of living expenses depends mainly on the lifestyle and spending habits of the student. If the student spends money responsibly and thoughtfully, he can even save some money for paying his tuition fee. The estimation of living and study expenses for a student in Finland is as follows:

Study Expenses:

  • Under Graduate Study Programme Tuition fee: 1000 to 1200 Euros per year

  • Post Graduate Study Programme (Masters) Tuition fee: 12,000 to 13,000 Euros per Year

  • Post Graduate Study Programme (PhD)  Tuition fee: PhD studies is free of cost in Finland regardless of student’s nationality

Living Expenses:


  • University or Dormitory Single Room: 380 to 400 Euros per Month

  • A Single Room in Shared Private Accommodation: 300 to 400 Euros per month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment in Central City Area: 724 Euros per month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment outside Central City Area: 600 Euros per Month


  • 1 liter fresh milk bottle: 0.93 Euros

  • 1 loaf of fresh white bread: 1.83 Euros

  • 1 Kg white rice: 1.68 Euros

  • Dozen eggs: 1.82 Euros

  • 1 Kg local cheese: 6.02 Euros

  • 1 Kg boneless chicken breast meat: 9.35 Euros

  • 1 Kg beef meat: 12.72 Euros

  • 1 Kg apples: 1.98 Euros

  • 1 Kg bananas: 1.52 Euros

Part Time Work Permission in Finland for Students 2023:

3rd country nationals or NEEAs have to comply with certain restrictions for part time jobs while studying in Finland. The restrictions include: Permission to work only in fields related to the study course. University attendance not included. Required grades in studies. Full-time students’ entire living expenses and study expenses must not be solely dependent on the salary earned from the part-time jobs. Students must pay tax on their income. During semesters, students can work only 20 hours per week. During semester breaks, there are no restrictions on working hours or job type. There are career centers at universities that help foreign students find part-time jobs outside and inside the university campus. Students are allowed to find their own internships through CVs or online applications at companies and firms as long as the job type is relevant to the study course and does not clash with university timetabling. Jobs can be found through online job portals or local newspapers.

Latest Post Study Job in Finland for Students:

One of the most attractive aspects of Finland as study abroad destination is the possibility of post study work visa for fresh graduates and foreigners. The only condition for obtaining a work permit in Finland is to fulfill the minimum income requirement. According to the review of 2019, a foreign national must earn at least EUR 1,211 per month. Highly qualified and specialists of various fields have their own minimum income requirements and different types of work permits. Foreign nationals may apply for work permit in Finland if they find employment in Finland. Similarly, those who have finished their studies in Finland can extend their one year visa for the purpose of job search.

Insurance for Inernational Students in Finland

If you are planning to study abroad, there are some practical things you need to take care of before you leave your home country. Health insurance is one of them. Under the Finland visa, you are required to have health insurance coverage for your medical treatment for the duration of your stay in Finland, and you cannot cancel your health insurance.

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Finland is the most northerly country in Europe, with cold winters and hot summers. Its location is remote and isolated, but it has a well-developed economy and a well-established education system. Finland has a long-standing tradition of value in education, which continues to this day; it is among the most educated countries in the world, where 38% of the population holds a college degree. The people of Finland excel in research-oriented studies, and have made great strides in scientific research, especially in biotechnology and genetic technology, as well as brain research. The quality of education in Finland is its defining characteristic, and it has a great impact on the lives of its students. More than 5 million students from all over the world study in Finland, and what attracts them? Let’s explore in this article.

Utopia for Knowledge Seekers

Finland has all the qualities that meet the expectations of study abroad aspirants. It has marvelous education system, high ranked institutions, distinctive research oriented and profession oriented universities, globally recognized degrees, state of the art facilities in universities, laboratories, libraries, experienced and cultivated teachers, English taught study programmes, student friendly environment and opportunity to acquire broader vision by living among international community of students.

World Rankings of Finnish Universities in QS List 2023 fir International Students:

  • University of Helsinki: 102nd Position

  • Aalto University: 137th position

  • University of Turku: 276th position

  • University of Jyvaskyla: 357th position

  • University of Eastern Finland: 451th position

Study Expenses in Finland:

  • Aalto University: 12,000 to 15,000 Euros per year

  • University of Helsinki: 13,000 to 18,000 Euros per year

  • University of Turku: 8,000 to 16,000 Euros per year

  • University of Eastern Finland: 8,000 to 15,000 Euros per year

  • University of Tampere: 8,000 to 12,000 Euros per year

Living Expenses in Finland for Students 2023 Estimated Cost

The affordability of living expenses directly impact student’s decision to select a certain country for studying in abroad. The average cost of living for a student is estimated to be between 700 and 1100 euros per month. However, if the student resides in accommodation provided by universities, the average monthly cost can be reduced to 560 euros. The cost of living varies depending on the region in which the student lives; metropolitan cities tend to have higher expenses than rural areas. The estimated cost of living in various cities of Finland is as follows.

  • Helsinki: 980 to 1500 Euros per month

  • Jyvaskyla: 700 to 1100 Euros per month

  • Oulu: 600 to 1200 Euros per month

  • Tampere: 900 to 1200 Euros per month

Post Graduation Settlement Opportunities in Finland for Foreign Students

To stay in Finland post graduation the third country nationals have to apply for resident permit. The resident permit is granted on the basis of employment contract or binding job offer. The resident permit of Finland for work purpose is initially granted for one year duration which is extendable on the basis of employment contract. The third country nationals have right to change jobs and attain reasonable salary according to their qualification and set of skills.

Soothing Living Standards and Lifestyle

In order to have an ideal standard of living and a high quality of life, there must be effective and inclusive health care, high quality education, fair average incomes, equal employment opportunities, safety and a clean environment. Gender equality and human rights are essential for a peaceful society. Finland has all of the above. In 2017, Social Progress Index, a report on the countries with the highest social progress in the world, ranked Finland at number 2. Finland is a nation of equality, personal freedom, tolerance, and access to fundamental rights.

A Vibrant Student Life

All work, no play makes Jack a boring guy. As they say, foreign students who travel to a far-off land and pledge their life to learn and work hard for their degree also expect a pleasant and educational experience in Finland. There are classy restaurants, an exciting nightlife, lots of outdoor activities like golfing and skiing, hiking and snowboarding and ice hockey, a dynamic music scene including rock bands and classical operas and tasty cuisines for the foodie. There is a highly connected international student community in Finland that not only broadens your horizons but also gives you an insight into different cultures, tradition and lifestyles. Finland has around 168 000 lakes for lake cruises. Russia and Estonia are only a few hours away by public ferry boat, train or the Finnish airline flies to Asian countries.

The Culture and Landscape of Finland

Finland’s culture owes its origins to Sweden and Russia, and its architecture dates back to the 12th century. The modern-day Finland is highly developed in terms of economy, education, science and industry, but its people are deeply rooted in their history and culture. Finland is considered to be one of the world’s pioneers of gender equality, with the majority of women holding prominent positions in the parliament and other institutions, and earning fair salaries. The people of Finland are warm, friendly and peaceful, which is the main reason why the tourism sector contributes so much to the country’s economy. The abundance of forests and hills in the landscape of Finland means that the country has the cleanest and purest water and the best air quality in the world.

Latest Part Time Jobs in Finland for Students 2023 and Language Barrier

In Finland, English is the second most spoken language after Finnish. Foreign students can work 20 hours per week without any restrictions of job category or occupation. Due to the high GDP rate and strong economic growth, it is not difficult for foreign students or native students to find jobs in Finland. Foreign students have the same rights as full time employees. They are paid based on their working hours and the difficulty level of their job. Foreign students do not face language barriers for finding jobs or performing jobs due to the use of English among locals.

Finland is a stunningly beautiful and prosperous country, located in the far north of the world. It’s the perfect place to study abroad, with a top-notch education system, globally recognized degrees, and the option for foreign students to work part-time while studying. Plus, there are lots of English-language programmes, a peaceful lifestyle, and universities that focus on research and business. With access to basic rights, fair justice, a great quality of life, and top-notch health care, Finland is a great place to live. It’s definitely a top pick for knowledge seekers, and to get into the universities, you’ll need to go through the step-by-step process outlined in this guide.

Finding a Study Programme:

Finding a well qualified and appropriate study programme in affordable Finnish Universities is the first and pivotal step. The Finnish institutes offer a wide ranging and diverse study programmes that are English taught in Finland and constituted of globally accepted curriculum structure. There are special admission centres in each of the Finnish universities to help students find a study programme that suits their interests and that will lead them to a great career. Career counselors are the best people to get study programme recommendations from because they are professionals and experts. Students who have a clear idea and a specific career target must have already chosen their choice. Students who are in the process of choosing their goal can search carefully and choose the study programme that interests them. Once you have chosen the study programme, you must check eligibility criteria, language criteria and subject wise minimum grade criteria and send admission application to your selected university of Finland.

Finding a Right University in Finland:

Finland has top rated and highly prestigious universities of Europe. Each university has its own set of admission requirements and merit bar for different study programmes and academic levels. The universities in Finland host a large number of international students for profession oriented and research oriented study programmes. The profession oriented universities or universities of applied sciences train students according to the demands of job market in particular field and the research oriented universities offer research, theory and instruction based education of particular field. The specific admission requirements information can be easily availed from any Finnish university from its official website. The university you chose however must comprise of following attributes:

  • Compare the tuition fee of universities and choose you find most affordable and apt

  • If you have excellent academic record check availability of scholarships and fee waivers

  • Check if the university offers on campus accommodation

  • If the university you chose is located in the city of Finland where you want to live.

Method of Application

The method of application to apply for admission in Finnish universities is through directly submitting documents and application at university’s website or by sending the documents and application at university’s postal address mentioned at its website. You can download the pdf file of your application form and print its hard copy. For submitting application and documents online you can scan the documents and upload them as guided by the university’s website instructions. The universities take admission application fee upon submitting the application and extra charges postal charges which is not refundable. The admission fee is fixed by the universities in Finland exclusively, each university might have different admission fee according to study level and study programme.

Academic Requirements to Apply in Finland Universities 2023

The academic requirements differ depending on your chosen study programme. Each study programme has different minimum grades for admission depending on the subject. The academic eligibility of each study programme is specified by the university on its website. Generally speaking, the Finnish universities have the following academic requirements for international students:

For Admission in Under Graduate Study Programme:

In order to be eligible for under graduate programme, foreign students need to pass higher secondary school diploma/ equivalent polytechnic diploma. Foreign students need to pass the Finnish matriculation examination. Foreign students can be eligible for admission by passing SAT examination, IB examination, EB examination, RP examination or DIA examination which will be administered in Finland. If a foreign student fails to pass the above matriculation examination, he/she will not be admitted to the Under Graduate Study Level. The interview will also be conducted by the faculty member in the department for which you have applied admission. Other academic requirements in Finland universities for admission in under graduate study level are essay/ letter of motivation (depending on the university’s requirement) and language requirements.

For Admission in Post Graduate (Masters) Study Programme:

Bachelors Honors Degree (4 years Duration Study Programme) attained from an internationally recognized institute with 180 ECTS credits is accepted in Finland for admission at Masters Level. Interview will be taken and motivation letter written in English is decisive for granting admission. A few universities in Finland might also require recommendation letter from one or two student’s professors as well.

For Admission in Post Graduate (PhD) Study Programme:

Bachelors Honors Degree (4 Years Duration study programme), Masters Degree (2 years duration study programme) attained from an internationally recognized institute of your country with good grades. Work experience of 3 years at least, previous research experience recommendation letter from professor’s of student are also required for admission. The students applying for admission will be asked to collaborate with research supervisor of their chosen study field for research proposal. A letter of motivation and interview will also be taken before granting admission.

Language Requirements

The students applying for admission in Finnish universities for an English taught programme need to provide English Language Proficiency Test Certificate unless they native of an English speaking country. The third country nationals and Non-EU/EEA nationals have to meet English language requirements. For each study level there are different grades required in English language proficiency tests.  Such as:

  • IELTS: Overall 6.5 bands, in writing the student must have gained 5.5 bands at least.

  • TOEFL iBT: Overall 90-92 Scores, in writing the students must have gained 22 scores minimum.

  • TOEFL pBT: Overall 580 Scores, in writing the students must have gained 4.0 grades at least

  • PTE (Academic): Overall 59 Scores Minimum.

Required Documents

  • Transcripts of academic record (Certificate, diplomas, degrees) must be translated in English

  • Identity Document (Valid Passport of Applicant) verified photocopy is required

  • Fresh Photographs of Applicant

  • Letter of Motivation

  • Recommendation letters

  • Entrance Test Result

  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE (Academic), Cambridge)

  • Essay (written in English must comprised of 7,000 characters)

  • Updated CV (for post graduation admission)

  • Admission fee receipt

Letter of Acceptance

Once you have met the academic eligibility requirements and passed the entrance exam in Finland, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the university in Finland. The letter of acceptance will be sent to you and you will be asked to reply to the letter of acceptance and confirm your place at the university. Once you have confirmed your acceptance from the university, you will receive an invoice from the university for your fee submission. The invoice will also provide information about other admission procedures that you will need to complete. After this process, you will be issued a letter of acceptance which will be required for your student visa of Finland.

Admission Deadlines

For Admissions in Spring Session:

  • First application period: Till 25th January

  • Second application period: Till 15th March

For Admission in Autumn Session:

  • First application period: Till 20th September

  • Second application period: Till 27Th December

The admission deadlines of different Finnish university might be slightly different from aforementioned above. It is better to consult the admission office of your chosen university in Finland about the admission deadlines and documents submission procedure

Estimating your living and study costs is the first and most important step in your study abroad planning. The cost of living in Finland is reasonable despite many advantages, such as part time work permit while studying and 1 year visa extension after completing study from Finland Universities. The higher education institutions in Finland are renowned for their excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, research efficiency, modern teaching methods and broad-based curriculum design in Europe. The degrees obtained from Finnish Universities are globally recognized and highly attractive in the job market. Living standards are high in Finland as one of the most highly educated countries in the world that is committed to equality and human rights. Crime rate and safety are low, job opportunities are available, minimum wage for foreigners are guaranteed, the environment is clean and pure, and health care facilities are available. Foreign students in Finland are guaranteed a well balanced lifestyle, rigorous and constructive education, and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Estimated Study Expenses in Finland 2023 for International Students

Finnish universities fall into two distinct categories of education: professional and theoretical, and research. Professional oriented universities focus on professional education streams, while research oriented universities focus on education streams specific to their specialty. Each study programme and each academic level has its own tuition fee. The English tuition fee and the Finnish or Swedish tuition fee also differ. Since the English tuition fee is mainly used by international students, it is more expensive than the other tuition fees. To know the exact tuition fee for your study programme, you can visit the website of your chosen university. The tuition fee estimation above is based on information from various Finnish Universities.

Under Graduate Study Programme Tuition Fee in Finland Universites for Students 2023:

  • Under Graduate Nursing Training Degree Programme of 4 years Duration: 5000 Euros per year

  • BA (Hons) Business and Management Degree Programme of 2 years Duration: 9410 Euros per year

  • Bachelor´s Programme in Educational Studies, Early Childhood Education of 4 years Duration: 1000 Euros per year

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Engineering of 4 Years Duration: 1000 to 1200 Euros per year

Post Graduate (Masters) Study Programme Tuition Fee in Finland 2023:

  • Masters in Architecture, Biomedical Science and Engineering of 2-3 Years Duration: 12,000 Euros per Year

  • Masters in Economics of 2 Years Duration: 12,000 Euros per year

  • Masters in Learning, Education and Technology of 2 years Duration: 13,000 Euros per year

  • Masters in Product Management: 1000 Euros per year

  • Masters in Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment of 2 to 3 Years Duration: 10,000 per year

Post Graduate (PhD) Study Programme Tuition fee for Students 2023:

The postgraduate doctoral degree is completely free in Finland. Students from all over the world are admitted to the doctoral study programmes at the universities of Finland without any tuition fee. There are 14 different universities that offer doctoral degrees in Finland. The duration of the PhD degree in Finland is four years.

Living Expenses in Finland for foreign Students 2023

The living expenses in Finland are estimated to be around 560 to 700 Euros per month for a foreign student. For student resident permit of Finland, the students need to provide a bank statement proving that they can spend 560 Euros per month through their financial resources. In order to cover the living costs, the students can work in Finland on the basis of the student resident permit without the need for any additional documents or work permit. Living expenses can be covered by part-time work. Students can also save some money to pay the fee for the next semester if they keep their budget in check and don’t overspend. The most expensive city in Finland for living expenses is Helsinki. A student would need to earn 980-1200 euros per month to live in Helsinki. Living cost in lesser populated cities and towns are relatively low and affordable.

Accommodation in Finland:

The accommodation rent mainly depends on the area of Finnish city you choose for living. The university provided dormitories of residence halls are always least expensive and most suitable option for the foreign students. The average cost of accommodation in Finland is as follows:

  • University or Dormitory Single Room: 380 to 400 Euros per Month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment in Central City Area: 724 Euros per month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment outside Central City Area: 600 Euros per Month

  • 3 Bedrooms Apartment in Central City Area: 1200 Euros per Month

  • 3 Bedrooms Apartment outside Central City Area: 933 Euros per Month

Food Expenses:

  • Basic menu meal in an inexpensive restaurant for one person: 11 Euros

  • Basic menu meal in a mid-range restaurant for two persons: 60 Euros

  • Combo meal in fast food range such as McMeal or McDonalds: 7.95 Euros

  • Half liter water bottle: 1.64 Euros

  • 1 liter fresh milk bottle: 0.93 Euros

  • 1 loaf of fresh white bread: 1.83 Euros

  • 1 Kg white rice: 1.68 Euros

  • Dozen eggs: 1.82 Euros

  • 1 Kg local cheese: 6.02 Euros

  • 1 Kg boneless chicken breast meat: 9.35 Euros

  • 1 Kg beef meat: 12.72 Euros

  • 1 Kg apples: 1.98 Euros

  • 1 Kg bananas: 1.52 Euros

  • 1 Kg oranges: 1.73 Euros

  • 1 Kg tomatoes: 2.79 Eros

  • 1 Kg potatoes: 0.85 Euros

  • 1 Kg onions: 1.23 Euros


  • One way ticket of public transport (local travel): 3.00 Euros

  • Monthly public transport pass for local travel: 46 Euros

  • Taxi tariff for 1 Km travel: 1.60 Euros

Other Expenses:

  • Utility bills including electricity, gas, water and heating: 108 Euros per month

  • Internet connection of 60 Mbps speed: 23.37 Euros per month

  • Fitness club membership for one person: 35.93 Euros per month

  • International release movie ticket for one person: 13 Euros per month

Study In Finland Questions

  • World class education.

  • Every one speaks English.

  • Modern research universities.

  • 2nd safest country in the world.

  • Easy travelling.

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world and is surrounded by nature. Finland is home to world-class educational institutions with state-of-the-art learning environments and facilities, free libraries, and a balanced student life for both national and international students.Finland is one of the safest countries in the world and is surrounded by nature. Finland is home to world-class educational institutions with state-of-the-art learning environments and facilities, free libraries, and a balanced student life for both national and international students.

FA/FSc or A levels certificateFA/FSc or A levels certificate
English language proficiency i.e IELTS with min 6.5 BandsUndergraduate degree for graduate admission and Graduate degree in an appropriate subject with min 75% marks.
Photocopy of your passport or id cardEnglish language proficiency i.e. IELTS with min 6.5 Bands
Statement of purpose
Statement of purpose
references and Photocopy of your passport or id card
  • Provide the official letter of acceptance by your hosting university.

  • Must have a valid passport.

  • Complete and sign application form.

  • Provide the proof of financial ability min Euro 560/ month.

  • Recent bank statement.

  • Valid health and medical insurance.

  • Must have a no criminal record.

  • Intend to leave Finland at the end of your authorized stay.

Finland universities do not have an exact admission calendar, but most of the admissions take place between early December and late January. Some universities in Finland also extend their admission deadlines to March, while studies session begins in September.

Yes, many scholarships are offered by the Finland government some of them are:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman international scholarships.

  • Rotary international Ambassadorial Scholarship.

  • Society of the advancement of Scandinavian study.

If your language of origin is not English, then you must provide the English language aptitude i.e., IELTS with min 6.5 bands..

At least 8000 to 15,000 EUR/ year.  

Finland universities provide both options to the students, in house accommodation or off house. It is Easy, cheap more convenient to go with the in-house university accommodation.

Yes, you can work part-time while studying to cover your some how cost. A student can work about 25 hours/week.

3 to 5 years.

Some of the top universities in the world are located in Finland. Finland offers many opportunities after higher education. All you need to do is concentrate on the opportunities to improve your future.

Yes, you can apply to get a PR ship if you live in Finland for continuously 5 years

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