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Bulgaria is a highly sought-after destination for study abroad, but there are numerous reasons why one should choose to study in the country. The most prominent and prominent of these is that Bulgaria is the strongest country in Europe in terms of socio-economic, political and educational strength. Furthermore, the country offers a superior quality of life, and the education system is of great value not only to local or EU citizens, but to people from all over the world.

World’s Top Ranked Bulgarian Universities

The cost of accommodation in Austria is relatively low due to the government’s regulations that expats and citizens must not exceed 25% of their income in rent. Postgraduate opportunities are available to students based on their academic performance and their working abilities and expertise. Higher education is of a comparable quality to the United Kingdom and Germany. Although Austria is primarily a German-speaking nation, universities offer a wide range of courses in the English language. To provide an overview of the requirements for studying abroad in Austria, the following general requirements are outlined.

Valuable Scholarships Programs for Students

Most of the scholarship programs offered by European governments and agencies to both national and international students are also offered by Bulgaria. In fact, the main objective of offering these scholarship programs is to help the needy international students.

In such a way, government provides financial assistance to the most talented and eligible students on the occasion of the return of a brilliant mind to a particular nation or world for the purpose of bringing about changes in society, individual countries, and the world.

Jobs and Other Facilities-Bulgaria Offers

Bulgaria is a country which is not only supported until offering good quality education to international students. Instead of this, it also offers career opportunities to international students.First, during their studies, international students have access to part-time jobs to cover their living costs. Second, they have access to internship programs to improve their knowledge and practicality. Thirdly, after finishing their studies, students can easily find jobs here.Click here

After Study Opportunities for Students

International students after completing their graduation are provided with work permit but it is highly competitive. Moreover, Bulgaria is a country which also offers permanent residence and Citizenship to foreigners. International students and other foreigners can apply for permanent residence through investment, permanent residence through long time stay, and permanent residence through the origin.

Application Process

Students can get admission in Bulgarian univerities easily. Moreover, the application process to apply for a Student visa is also, somehow, easy than that of other developed countries. Another best thing comes to see is that Bulgaria is considerably cheap than that of others European study abroad destinations


Bulgaria is not only a supportive country when it comes to providing high-quality education to international students, but it also offers career opportunities to them. During their studies, international students are provided with part-time jobs to cover their living costs. Additionally, they are offered internship programs to improve their practicality and skills. Furthermore, upon completion of their education, they can easily access the job opportunities available in the country.

Bulgaria is a land of East and West. It is also the homeland of the Slavic languages. Bulgaria is a multi-lingual country where both Bulgarian and English are widely spoken. It has a rich history and is one of the happiest countries in Europe and around the world. Following are further reasons qualify Bulgaria as one of the Best Study Abroad Destinations.

High-Class Education System in Bulgaria for Students 

One of the main reasons why Bulgaria is so popular and influential is its educational system. Europe is full of wonders, and Bulgaria is no exception. High-class education system you can find through the colleges and universities of Bulgaria. And these are the educational institutes that have made Bulgaria the best study abroad destination.

Growing Rate of International Students in Bulgaria

In the study session 2022, there were more than 16,000 international students counted in various fields or subjects of study. This year, the number of international students increased by 13,5%. It is expected that the international student growth rate will continue to increase year after year. International students from both EU and non-EU countries are coming to enroll in various Bulgarian Universities.

Worldwide Recognized Universities in Bulgaria 

If we look at the list of Bulgarian Universities, we can see that there are several world-class universities in Bulgaria. The city of Sofia is the largest and the capital of Bulgaria. The University of Sofia is ranked 1001 by Times Higher Education ranking system. QS Ranking ranks the University of Sofia at 801 position. Best Global Universities rankings system ranks the University at 723 position.

Affordable Study and Living Cost In Bulgaria For Students 

Tuition and then living expenses, these are two main factors affecting the way of your study abroad journey. But, if you are going to choose Bulgaria as your study abroad destination then it is not more headache for you.

You will only spend 5 EUR for a nice dinner and a soft drink. In addition, you will spend around 6 EUR for a 20-minute drive in Bulgaria. Compared to Sofia city, small cities are more affordable. Therefore, you can create a good and simple budget for having a good stay in Bulgaria while studying. In addition, international students are required to pay nearly 8000 EUR as annual academic fee.

It Allows You To Enjoy Great Weather Conditions

The weather in Bulgaria is so beautiful. The country is divided into distinct regions by a huge mountain range. The city of Sofia is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. Other beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria are the Rhodope mountain and Stara planina.

Sunny beaches in summer and snow-capped mountains in winter, you’ll experience these stunning weather conditions year-round.

Career Opportunities In Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is the smallest country in Europe when compared to other countries. International students have more chances to begin their professional lives in Bulgaria, and upon completion of their studies, they may also have the opportunity to settle in the country.

It is not an easy way to get a settlement in European Countries but when it comes to discussing Bulgaria it becomes quite simple as compared to other European countries.

Financial Assistance To Students

It is also included in the list of student-supporting countries in Europe. International students are able to access financial assistance, such as scholarships and loan programs, to enable them to pursue their studies. The Erasmus Scholarship and Funding Program is the most widely used and is implemented in nearly all European countries.

National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, and some other programs are also running to support the needy and brilliant international students.

Once you have decided your study abroad destination then you have to move on the next steps to make your process easy and complete. After choosing your destination the very first step is to apply for admission. Complete knowledge is required to apply for admission. Lack of knowledge can bring you in a great disaster at the end.

If you are not so familiar with the admission application process then do not worry at all. Here at this page, a complete guide of getting admission in Bulgarian Universities is represented.


  • First of all, take a brief review of the country where you are going to apply for. Does it really the best destination for you?
  • Which kind of lifestyle and culture you are going to face. Can you merge with this lifestyle and culture? If yes then well, and move to the next step.
  • What is the currency difference of your study abroad destination? Plan your budget and see whether you can afford this or not.
  • However,  Best Study Abroad Consultants are registered with us who are also paying their best to prepare you before starting your study journey.

Choose a Study Program 

If all the ways or rules are moderate for you then move on the next steps. Now, at this point, you have to choose your study program. There are almost all types of study programs are offering through Bulgarian Universities.

Students are allowed to study Medical Science, Engineering Science, Computer Science, and Arts & Humanities Studies, etc. First of all, recognize your way of interest and if you have already taken the ambition at the intermediate level then just go ahead and fulfill your ambition.

Choose the Best Institute for Your Program

There are separate institutes for separate study programs you can find in Bulgaria. For example medical institutes, Arts Institutes, Engineering Institutes, and computer study institutes, etc. separately are offering by Bulgaria.

Choose the best one according to your study program. Students are to be suggested to apply at more than one institute for keeping yourself safe from the rejection chances.

Students are also to inform that only apply if you are completely matching with the requirements of the universities. International students get admission after going heavy admission merit. So, do not take even a single risk.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs 

Applicants who are looking for admission in Undergraduate studies must follow the below-mentioned requirements:

Required Documents

Following documents are required to apply for admission in Bulgarian universities at undergraduate level:

  • Completed university application form.
  • Certified copy of your high school of intermediate diploma or certificate.
  • A medical certificate which will show your fitness. The certificate will not earlier than one month at the time of application submitting.
  • Photocopy of valid traveling documents i.e. passport and identity card.
  • Recent photographs of applicants are also required.
  • Language proficiency certificate is also required.

Eligibility Criteria 

Following are the requirements to meet with criteria:

  • Applicants are asked to show at least 62% marks in their secondary school diploma to be eligible for getting admission in any undergraduate program.
  • Applicants are also to inform that 62% marks are required in the major subject for which you are going to apply.
  • Applicants who will submit all the above-mentioned documents are eligible to apply.
  • To be eligible applicants have to show their financial statement which will show that you can bear the study expenditures in Bulgaria.

Academic Calendar

Following academic colanders follow by the Bulgarian Universities for undergraduate studies:

Winter Semester: The duration may vary from institute to institute but generally procedure runs through September to February.

Summer Semester: For summer semester or admission sessions applicants accept from February to July.

Tuition Fee  

For Bachelors’ degree for international students, the average fee ranges from 2,900 EUR to 3,900 EUR.

Language Requirements

Bulgarian Universities offer or teach study programs in more than one language including Bulgarian Language, English Language, German Language, and French language, etc.

Applicants are asked to provide the language proficiency test for which they are going to apply.

How to Apply

Most of the Bulgarian Universities offer online application process. Applicants are asked to apply the completely filled application form along with the required documents within due date.

For further assistance in submitting the application students can contact with Study, Abroad Consultants registered here

Admission Requirements For Postgraduate Program 

For postgraduate or master degree program applicants have to meet with the following mentioned requirements:

Required Documents

  • Application form with complete required detail is required
  • Official transcripts of the undergraduate program with certified translation copy is required
  • Recent photographs are required to submit
  • Valid travel document, for example, passport and identity card are required
  • A medical certificate for fitness proof is required
  • Applicants are also required to show the language proficiency proof in which they are going to submit study application

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Applicants are required to show a 04 years bachelor degree to be eligible
  • Applicants are asked to show a minimum 72% marks in their bachelor degree to be eligible
  • A financial statement which will show that you can afford your study and stay there in Bulgaria is required to be eligible

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar varies from institute to institute but most of the universities follow the same calendar which has mentioned for undergraduate studies.

Tuition Fee  

For Maters or Postgraduate degree for international students, the average tuition fee ranges from 3,000 EUR to 3,900 EUR.

Language Requirements

Applicants are to inform that language proficiency proof through a test is required.

How to Apply

After going through an online application procedure applicants submit the application. For further detail, applicants can contact the university for which they are going to apply.

Admission Requirements For PhD 

Required Documents

  • Duly filled the application form
  • Master Degree is required
  • Recent photographs
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Language proficiency test or proof
  • Valid travel documents

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Master degree or 16 years education is required to be eligible for Ph.D. or doctorate degree program.
  • The grade of the master degree must not less than the Bulgarian grading system.
  • According to the Bulgarian grading system, 06 marks are the maximum marks.

Academic Calendar

Academic calendar varies from uncivility to uncivility. Applicants are to be suggested to contact the university for admission deadlines.

Tuition Fee  

International students are asked to pay tuition fee from 4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR for a doctorate degree.

How to Apply

Online application process runs for application submission.

For students who want to study abroad, the majority of their expenses are paid before they leave for their destination. How do students pay for their studies abroad? They can find through the following steps:

Previous Academic Transcripts

Obviously,Most of the students are aware that they have to obtain a Secondary School or a Bachelor degree in order to complete their education. Students have to pay a lot of money until they complete their Secondary School and undergraduate studies.

Language Proficiency Test

In almost all study abroad destinations, international students are required to have a high level of language knowledge. Students aren’t unique in this regard. In order to practice language proficiency test, students are charged high fee. At the end, when students appear for examination, they are also charged high amount for examination.

Application Process

When you go to apply for admission to a university, you go through a somewhat expensive process. For a single admission process to a university, the application fee is between USD50 and USD100.But, if you involve Study Abroad Consultants for your application process then you also follow the consultancy charges.

Visa Fee

For Bulgaria, Non-EU or international students are asked to apply for D-Type visa for getting entrance permission into Bulgaria. D-Type visa fee is around 100 EUR.

Travelling Documents

  • Different kinds of travel documents are required to travel abroad for study purpose.
  • Passport is a basic part of travel documents. For normal passport, 5400 charges applicants have to pay.
  • Medical or travel insurance in some cases is required. For this purpose, hundreds of EURs are required to pay.
  • Police Clearance Certificate is also required to show in some cases. This is also, somehow, costly.

Personal Expenses

Some kinds of personal belongings are required to bring with yourself when you move somewhere. You have to buy clothes, baggage, and some other accessories for your long way journey.

After Departure Cost

Once you arrive in Bulgaria, then you will see the real difficulties. But you have arrived and now your goal is to overcome these difficulties and overcome them to fulfill your dreams. But, you must have complete knowledge in order to overcome your challenges. So, here are the challenges that you will face once you arrive in Bulgaria.


Accommodation is a fundamental requirement for a normal life. Sometimes you need to manage your accommodation before you leave, and sometimes you need to manage it after you arrive.

For having reasonable accommodation a single student needs 200 EUR on a monthly basis. In this amount, you can arrange a decent apartment with all the sufficient basic needs.

Residence Permit And Other Documents

Students who travel to Bulgaria on a D-Type visa are required to submit an application for a residence permit upon arrival. The residence permit is valid for one year and can be renewed on a monthly basis for an amount of EUR 230.

This residence permit is subject to an application process fee of EUR 5. Additionally, students are required to arrange an identity card for their stay in Bulgaria. Upon registration at the Police Station, an ID card is provided, which is charged EUR 22.50 per international student.

Living Expenses

As living there in Bulgaria you need to buy clothes, get food, and have drinks, transportation facility, utility bills, and many more. All these are the basics needs for having a sound and standard life.

What is the Average Cost of Living?

Accommodation is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing for you to do. Once you’ve done this, you’ve saved yourself a huge headache. However, there are other challenges that await you as well. But don’t worry, it’s normal. No matter where you’re staying, you’ll need to eat something, drink something, decorate your apartment with the help of needy households, and spend something that will make you happy and entertained. All of these needs can be covered by 150-200 EURs per month.

Tuition Fees

Following is the fee structure for study in Bulgaria:

Study ProgramFee Structure
Undergraduate Tuition Fee:2,900 EUR to 3,900
Postgraduate Tuition Fee:3,000 EUR to 3,900
PhD Tuition Fee:  4,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR

Scholarships or Funding Programs in Bulgaria 

The country is also known as student-friendly country or especially international students supporting the country. For those students who want to make some big and extra goals in their lives but their financial condition doesn’t allow them to get their achievements, Bulgaria offers different scholarships, funding and loan programs.

Erasmus scholarships, National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, AEF Scholarships program, Josef Princ Memorial Scholarships program and Polatajko Family Scholarships program are offered by Bulgaria to EU and other international students.

Study In Bulgaria Questions

Yes, it is wise and right decision to study in Bulgaria. The degree of Bulgaria is known throughout Many countries. The merit in Bulgaria is low for students as compared to other European countries.As well as Living expense in Bulgaria is also low.

  • Low academic fee.
  • Less living expense.
  • Low merit at Bulgarians university as compared to other countries.
  • Small country, big opportunity.
  • Internationally recognized education

Yes, Bulgaria is totally safe for girls to study alone. Bulgaria is better country to study and live peaceful life.

FA/Fsc or A levels certificateFA/Fsc or A levels certificate
German language, English language or French language proficiency according to your selected international language program.Undergraduate degree for graduate admission or Graduate degree in an appropriate subject for PHD admission
Photocopy of your passport or id cardGerman language, English language or French language proficiency according to your selected international language program.
Statement of purpose
Photocopy of your passport or id card

Complete student visa application form.

Previous academic records.

Medical certificate.

Valid passport.


Certificate of English, French or German language if you want to study in international language.

Sufficient bank statement.

AEF scholarship.

Josef Princ memorial scholarship.

LCC Ukrainian home society scholarship.

The full bright program

For more scholarships click here:

For Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, there are two intakes per year. Spring and Fall intakes are typically held in February and September respectively. Postgraduate intakes are held in February.

Usually 8000 EURO/year whereas private institutes are little expensive.

Bulgaria offers both on-school and off-school accommodation. On-school accommodation is usually priced at 45 euros per month and private accommodation is priced at 200-300 euros per month.

If you want to study international languages and your language of origin is not international languages such as English French or German, then you need to provide a language certificate, i.e., IELTS, or TOEFL.

Yes, non-EU students can work 20 hours/week.

Yes, after 5 continuous years of continuous residence, anyone can apply for residency in Bulgaria.

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