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Arts, Design & Architecture

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What is a Bachelor in Arts, Design & Architecture?

Arts, Design & Architecture is a group of disciplines  that give students the tools they need to employ creativity, design principles, theories, methodologies, and tools to make the world more aesthetically pleasing and practical.

People who work in the fields of arts, design, and architecture create ideas, plans, designs, and projects for everything from buildings, monuments, garments, and gadgets to user-friendly websites and intuitive graphical interfaces. Additionally, they produce amazing works of art like songs, plays, dances, paintings, and other magnificent displays of creativity and beauty.

Some of the main disciplines within Arts, Design & Architecture are Art History, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Music, Visual Arts, etc.

Arts, Design & Architecture for bachelor

What we learn?

If architecture is your area of study, you will learn everything there is to know about coming up with the ideal layout for a brand-new structure or perhaps a whole city. Classes will cover the fundamentals of architecture, safety and materials, environmental impact, lighting, textures, and how to achieve the ideal contrast between materials and colours. Designing someone’s dream home or cityscape is a tremendously satisfying job, but it’s not a simple one because it also involves physics and mathematical principles.

Studying Graphic Design will focus on teaching you how to use images, text and colors to communicate messages efficiently. To do that, classes will present basic design principles, elements, and rules.
If you choose music, you will learn about instruments, precise harmonies, and a wide range of musical genres. You’ll collaborate with similarly talented musicians. You’ll have mastered playing at least one instrument by the time you graduate.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Arts, Design & Architecture opens up many career opportunities. Some subfields we’ve already mentioned, you can specialize in Fashion Design, Film, Photography & Media, Theatre & Dance, User Experience Design, and others.click here

Arts, Design & Architecture for bachelor

Interesting Programs for you


Polytechnic di Torino Turin, Italy

Fashion (Fashion Design)

Liberty University Lynchburg, United States

Media Strategy

Full Sail University Winter Park, United States
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