Russia’s higher education system is impressive and excellent with mix of meticulous tradition and innovation. Due to recent participation in Bologna process by Russian Universities the value of degrees attained from there have gained more prestige and recognition globally. Russia has progressed and reclaimed its title of super power back in recent years through education and consistent progress. Despite being ranked at top position of world university rankings, the universities in Russia are offering plethora of study programmes with incredibly affordable tuition fee. Those currently in process of deciding Russia as their study abroad destination can have an overview of admission requirements of Russian Universities to understand the process in the following guide:

Selecting a Right Study Program

Choosing a study program and subject major is certainly the most crucial decision as it is decisive of one’s career and life path. There are many choices and career options these days for students to pick from and each one of them is promising. The student must choose particularly those subjects and study programmes which are of their interest and have potential of professional growth. Although, the universities in Russia offer majority of its study programmes in Russian languages but due to rising inclination of international students towards Russia, the English taught programmes are being offered also.  The students must give a thorough consideration and searching about which study programme they want to continue and then pick final one. After deciding in which course they want to pursue their degree they must ascertain following factors:

  • Check entry requirements of your chosen study program
  • Check if the course you have chosen is offered in your preferred language of instruction

In Russia You Can Choose:

  • Full Time Study Programme (morning) (requiring full attendance and classes occur in day time)
  • Full Time Study Programme (evening)(you can study in weekdays or weekends at evening timings)
  • Part Time Study Programme (Attend introductory lectures, study specially designed curriculum at home and appear at university to deliver assignments and conduct tests and examinations).

Selecting a Right University in Russia

Russia’s universities offer internationally recognized degrees and are accredited globally. There are 950 universities in Russia and many technical colleges and their teaching methodology and academic structure is highly prized and credited for its quality. Moreover, the tuition fee is affordable and on campus residence at public universities is free of cost. Russia as a nation values education highly and it is shown through its rich tradition, inventions, history and literature. While choosing a university in Russia for studies, quality does not have to be your concern as it will be delivered assuredly. However, students must choose 5 to 10 universities and short list them based on following factors:

Academic Requirements to Study in Russia Universities for Students

  • Undergraduate Admission Requirements to study in Russia Universities 2021

The minimum grades requirements for your study program vary from university to university. The students have to ascertain the entry requirements from their chosen university in Russia and then submit the documents.

  • For admission in Under Graduate Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Veterinary Courses the student must have studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics in their high school study program.
  • For admission in Under Graduate Aeronautical, IT, Computer and Engineering Courses the student must have studied Mathematics and Physics in their high school study program.
  • For admission in Under Graduate Economics, Arts & Culture and Agriculture there no specific subject requirements.
  • Unified State Examination (EGE) which is just like SAT examinations, it is taken as an entry examination before admission to assess academic capability of student.

The Russian Universities accept admission of international students who have passed their high school diploma in good passing grades and the student must acquire a school certificate from institution of their home country.

  • Post Graduate (Masters) Admission Requirements 2021 in Russia Universities

The minimum grades required will be set by the university itself according to the study programme you are applying for. For admissions in Masters Courses following requirements are essential:

  • Bachelors degree (4 years duration) with transcript of subjects and grades
  • Higher Secondary School Passing Certificate
  • Competitive selection examinations for admission
  • Interviews

The subjects’ requirements will be according to your study program. The entry examination for admission in Russia is generally required by all the state universities of Russia. The university you have chosen to study in Russia will inform you about the entry examination pattern and schedule as soon as you submit documents for admissions.

  • Post Graduate (PhD) Admission Requirements 2021 in Russian Universities 

The universities will ask for your previous research experience and research proposal related to your field.

  • Bachelors honors degree (4 years duration) with transcripts of related subjects
  • Masters degree with transcripts of related subjects
  • Competitive selection examinations for admission
  • Interviews

Language Requirements for students to get Admission in Russian Universities

The language of instruction for most of the courses at under graduate level is Russian but there are English taught courses offered by Russian Universities. But in Russia there are more English taught courses available at post graduate level. For admission in Russian Universities for a English taught program the students need to provide English language proficiency test certificate such as IELTS and TOEFL with high bands. For Russian taught courses, the universities in Russia offer preparatory Russian language courses to international students. You might even be asked to give language assessment test during admission application process. NOTE: the English Language Proficiency Test Certificate Such as IELTs and TOEFL is Only Required By Those Candidates Who are Not Natives of English Speaking Countries.

Legalization of Documents

All the required documents for admissions in universities of Russia are needed to be legalized in the country of issue before submitting them. The concerned authorities will verify the authenticity of academic certificates of the candidate. The international affairs department of the Embassy of your country will verify the documents then Russian Embassy will verify them again before your submission. Both of the organization will stamp the copies of your documents as verified for Russian University to accept them.

Required Documents

The required documents for admission of international students are correlated with visa documents and nationality identification.

  • Transcripts of Your Academic Records (details about your subjects studied and grades achieved) the transcripts should be translated in Russian Language
  • Copy of Your Valid Passport (Confirming Your Identification)
  • A Completed Admission Application Form
  • Photographs of Candidate
  • Medical Certificate (Confirming the Candidate is Not Suffering From Any Disease That Could Be Threat to General Public’s Health)
  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate
  • Proof of Finances
  • 2 Recommendation Letters From Professors of Candidate (For Post Graduate Programmes)
  • Invitation Letter Fee ($400 USD)
  • Courier Fee ($100 USD)

How Students can Apply in Russian Universities 2021

You will apply for admission directly at your chosen university’s website online or submit the documents via fax. For online application you will be required to sign up at the website and follow the procedure step by step. The university will keep you informed about your selection through this account and when you will give entrance examination the results will be informed to you through this account as well.

Application Submission Deadlines

The deadlines for admission application submission may vary from university to university in Russia but typically the admission intake start from March till July allowing the candidate to have enough time for their student visa preparation and arrangement of accommodation and travelling perquisites.

Getting Letter of Acceptance and Submission of Tuition Fee

After fulfilling the admission requirements and passing the entrance examination the candidate will be sent a letter of acceptance from Russian University. You will be then asked to submit the tuition fee and registration fee. The candidates passing the entrance examinations in high grades will be offered scholarships and fee grants. The admissions in Russia are competition based and you will only be granted a seat in state universities of Russia if you are capable and pass the entrance examination. Along with letter of acceptance, your hosting Russian university will send invitation letter and a visa support letter through courier.