To study abroad in Italy you must start by choosing a right university and then navigate which programme you are interested to study. The entry requirements can be different for every programme. Non-EU students who do not have resident permit of Italy have to consult Italian Embassy at their home country and submit pre-application request. On approval the Italian Embassy in your home country will issue a document (“Dichiarazione di valore in loco”,) statement of validity to your chosen university. Below is the guide to elaborate the general admission requirements in Italy for students.

  • Choosing a Right University in Italy:

There are a number of high ranked universities in Italy and picking one would be rather difficult for you. But choosing the most suitable university which situates in the city you desire to live in is the first step of planning to study abroad in Italy. After deciding the city of Italy you want to live in start searching for the best universities in that specific premise. Select university according to its international rankings from Wikipedia or QS rankings.  Affordability factor is the most important factor. See if the university you are choosing has scholarships and fee waivers in Italy. This search process is time consuming therefore it is highly recommended to start selection of university process right after you have given examinations in your home town.

  • Choosing a Right Study Programme:

As it is said selection becomes complicated when there are too many options. You will face difficulty in picking the right study programme in Italy. Italian universities are offering plethora of study programmes in all disciplines. There will be so many opportunities that can equally attract you. The best way is to stick with the subject that interests you the most and choose the study programme where that specific subject is continued as major. Search for the career scope and job market trends and then choose study programme in accordance to it. The admission requirement can vary from programme to programme also be sure if you meet the eligibility and merit criteria for admission in your chosen study programme. Most importantly make sure if the programme you chose is being offered in English

  • How Students can Apply in  Italian University 2021 Intake:

Enrollments in Italian Universities are controlled and processed by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) assimilated by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For admission in each course or study programme the eligibility criteria might be different but there are general requirements as stated below.

Non Residents Must Follow This Procedure of Application

All Non-EU national including  out of nationals who do not have resident permit of Italy must register a Pre-Application Request to the Italian consulate in their home country. The Italian consulate at their home country will be responsible to accept a candidate’s pre application request. The pre application request will e accepted on the basis of candidate’s eligibility for student visa

The Pre-Application Request can be applied for either:

  • Single Italian university
  • Single degree programme

When to Submit Pre-Application Request:

Submissions usually start from start of March until July. For admissions in Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine and Health Professions programmes, International Medical School and Dental Medicine courses the dates are not specified which can be known from Italian consulate first hand. The number of seats available for such courses are finalized by Italian Universities on yearly basis and published on MIUR (the Ministry of University and Research) website officially.

Language Proficiency Test:

Passing Language test is compulsory for admissions in under graduate and post graduate programmes unless:

  • The applicant holds a certificate attesting their knowledge of the language at B2 level (e.g. CELI 3 certificate)
  • The applicant has attended some Italian Schools abroad
  • The applicant is applying for admission to programme which is entirely taught in English or some master’s programmes without entrance examination.

Acceptance of the Pre-Application Request

To know if your pre-application request has been approved or not you will have to contact the Italian Consulate in your home country where you submitted the application and documents. If your application has been approved then you will be issued a document (“Dichiarazione di valore in loco”,) statement of validity. After that you will consult the international Student Office of your chosen university online or in some cases the embassy can forward the application itself. The university will send an email and ask for enrollment documents which are written below.

Enrollment in Undergraduate/Post Graduate (Master’s) and (PhD)Programmes in Italian Universities 2021:

The Italian Universities take entrance exams for some of its degree programmes. If you have chosen the programme for which an entry test is required then your application procedure depends upon passing it. After having passed the entrance exam you will have to submit following documents online ion reply to email sent by international student’s office of your chosen Italian University. For the programme where entry test is not a requirement the similar documents will be required..:

To enroll online follow these steps:

  • You will have to log in to the Online Services (SIFA) and choose Enrolment option
  • Submit the required details and upload a photo and an identity document (file format JPG, PNG, BMP max 2 Mb)
  • Do payments of the first installment of the enrolment fee using by a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or the payment slip (bollettino MAV) printable at the end of the enrolment procedure online. The MAV or payment slip can be paid at any bank or post office in Italy.
  • Submit the required documents to the International Students Desk

Documents Required to Get Admission in Italian Universities 2021 for Students:

When applying for an undergraduate course: Secondary School Diploma obtained after at least 12 years of schooling is compulsory.

When applying for Post Graduate Programmes (Master programmers): Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree is compulsory.

When applying for Post Graduate Programmes (Doctoral Programmes or Medical Specialization Schools): Master’s degree is compulsory.

  • Form A (filled at Italian consulate during pre- application)
  • Valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno)
  • Certified and original Upper secondary school diploma/Bachelor’ degree or Master’s degree, translated into Italian, legalized by the authorities in the country where the qualification was issued and carrying (the Dichiarazione di valore in loco or statement of validity issued by ENIC_NARIC centers or by diplomatic missions resident in Italy)
  • Certificate of enrolment at university with a list of the exams taken, or certificate of post-secondary education obtained in a non-university higher education Institute if the local education system provides less than 12 years of schooling;
  • Certificate demonstrating the academic eligibility if provided for in the country of origin (e.g. GAO KAO for China, Vestibular for Brazil, etc.);
  • Other documents stating specific requirements of validity of the title (e.g. Aps for the United States titles, A-level for British titles)
  • Passport/identity card
  • Italian taxcode (codice fiscale)
  • Admission fee receipt
  • Enrolment fee receipt Italian
  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate(Italian Language Test for Italian Taught Courses and English Language Test for English Taught Courses)

Note: All documents must be certified and translated in Italian language. The documents must be authenticated by authorities.