The universities in Hong Kong have maintained a high quality of education through rigorous process of admissions, international standard curriculum design, highly qualified staff and regular improvement in academic structure of study programmes. Hong Kong’s education system is well organized and administrated ensuring the standards are never compromised and match up high profile international universities. Besides, top class education attainment, you will be exposed to career opportunities as Hong Kong is center of multinational companies and start ups. If you get to do internships and traineeships through your university’s organized study programmes, it will open multitude of career opportunities for you all around the globe. The admission procedure in universities of Hong Kong are explained in the following guide:

Choosing the Most Suitable Study Programme

The prime focus while choosing a study programme must be your passion and career goal. Choose that set of subjects and majors which interest you the most and about which you are passionate and the success part will eventually follow. In process of comparing which study programme can be best for you in future consider following factors before finalizing:

  • The study programme you choose must enhance your existing qualification and skills.
  • Does the curriculum of your study programme include subjects of your interest?
  • Career scope and employment opportunities related to your study programme.
  • Every study programme has many specialization options such as you can do civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering etc, so search thoroughly and pay attention to details before committing to one.
  • Do you meet entry requirements?, so short list at least three study programmes and send application for all three so that you can get admission in one of it.

Choose the Best University in Hong Kong for Pursuing your Degree

Hong Kong is home to many worlds’ high ranking institutions which own global recognition and prestige. The Universities of Hong Kong have set their main priority to be high quality of education and enhancement of skills. Moreover, the tuition fee is considerably packaged for non local students to ensure more enrollments. So about quality of education in Hong Kong you don’t need to be concerned about, although you must consider following factors to pick one university to pursue your study programme in Hong Kong:

  • Affordability of fee
  • Admission requirements
  • Location of University’s Campus
  • On Campus Residence Facility
  • University’s global ranking

Admission Requirements

  • Academic Requirements
  • Language Requirements

Academic Requirements:

The academic requirements for admissions in universities of Hong Kong will mainly be dependent on the study programme you choose and the university you choose. For every study programme there will be subject wise grade requirements which will be demonstrated to you in details while you submit your application for admission. The general academic requirements including minimum grades for under graduate and post graduate courses are as follows:

For under graduate study program 

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Entrance examinations such as SAT Reasoning Test/ACT/Advanced Placement Test, GMAT, GRE will be taken (it depends on the university’s requirements)
  • Interview
  • Language proficiency requirements.

For admission in post graduate study program

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Honors Degree with no failed subject and good CGPA and at least 30 credit units
  • Interview
  • Entrance examination depends on university’s requirements
  • Work experience
  • Research proposal if applying for Masters (research course)
  • Language proficiency requirements.

Language Requirements:

The candidates applying from non English speaking countries are required to prove their proficiency in English language for admissions in English taught degree programme. Hong Kong’s Universities accept IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Language Assessment tests for language requirements. The minimum grades required at each of English language proficiency test are as follows:

  • IELTS: 6.5 to 7 score in overall bands
  • TOEFL: Minimum  79 scores in the internet based TOEFL exam
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment Test: In Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) the minimum grades must be C or above it and in Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) also C grades at least.

Documents Requirements:

The documents required by universities of Hong Kong for admissions are enlisted below:

  • Identity documents (Passport, Birth Certificate)
  • Transcripts of academic records, certificates, diploma (along with a document explain the grading system of your country)
  • Language proficiency test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)
  • Public examination score reports (GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT etc) it is programme specific and depends on university’s admission requirements.
  • For Post Graduate Research Courses (Research proposal, experience in research past references, and letter explaining plan for future research)
  • Reference Letters (at least from two of your professors)
  • Signed and completed admission form
  • Supporting documents (your academic achievements, work experience, participation in extracurricular activities).
  • Application fee receipt (it can be around  HKD $450)
  • The required documents be verified and attested by related authorities. (To ensure the authenticity).
  • Make sure to provide valid information only.

Admission Deadlines

The admission deadlines of universities of Hong Kong vary from one other. If you are planning to get enrolled in a fall semester start its preparation from spring and arrange the perquisites. The admissions intakes in universities of Hong Kong start usually in January or May.